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#ACpledge: Women In Agencies. Liz Corless founder of ICHI Worldwide

Liz Corless founder of gaming industry focussed marketing agency ICHI Worldwide

⭐️ Ellie Hale set up the Women In Agencies movement in 2019. To celebrate the epic women who run agencies. We debate topics that effect female agency owners – both positive and challenging. Come up with solutions both in the presence of both women and men.

As part of that I made a #acpledge to champion women I know who run agencies.

Part of my pledge so far was: Becky Simms, Emma Sexton, Katy Leeson, Kelly Molson, Rebecca Brennan

I remember the first time I had a proper conversation with Liz – an Agency Collective event. She was pregnant. To the point I was already making emergency plans to stop our event and take her to the hospital. I don’t advocate that women should work until the delivery date – but I massively admire women who do. The strength! No superman in the world can compete.

Liz just exemplifies the hidden warrior that lives within all women. The mothers that juggle school runs, after school classes, kid education with maintaining high performance at work and relationships with friends and family – above all keeping sane!

In Liz’ case doing all that while leading an epic team and building an incredibly successful agency.

What makes Liz even more special is that she is just so incredibly humble about it all – silently powerful. Brushes off the hard juggle, puts a smile on her face and inspires everyone around her. Eternally optimistic. And a lovely person at heart.

Thank you for being awesome, Liz! 🚀

Although this moment belongs to Liz, please help me celebrate other incredible female agency owners you know. Let me know who else I should feature in my #acpledge or get in touch with us to chat how YOU can get involved in our social initiatives like: Women In Agencies.


Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" has spoken to over 3,000 agencies to find out what the most successful agencies do really well. His knowledge pans across agency niche specialisation, new business, marketing, negotiation, lead generation, recruitment, building a great agency culture, agency finance, mergers & acquisition, scaling your agency, motivation, winding down your agency. His email is daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk

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