New Business Partnerships With Other Agencies

Events that will remind you of why you started your agency

We run inspirational events for agency owners across the whole year in 4 different locations:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
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Partnership events with complimentary agencies

Events that are solely focussed on helping you get new business and building meaningful connections with other agency owners who have complimentary services.

Interactive workshops with experts and fellow agency owners

Interactive workshops hosted in person and with experts to work through specific skills that an agency owner requires to be a true master at running a successful agency. The ultimate peer support experience.

Inspirational talks

We invite some of the best speakers in our industry. People who have incredible stories of building their agencies. Experts who have perfected a skill and share their knowledge with you. Thinkers who will make you look at your agency and the world in a new way.

Examples of past speakers

Co-founders of ustwo Mills and Sinx posing for Agency Collective event

Mills & Sinx

Topic of expertise: Building one of the most respected agencies in the UK

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Win Without Pitching founder Blair Enns presents his price anchoring technqiue in his pricing creativity talk an Agency Collective event

Blair Enns

Topic of expertise: Pricing Creativity

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Newbreed and Hunter & Farmer founder Karla Morales-Lee presents her talk on agency positioning to help agency owners differentiate themself

Karla Morales-Lee

Topic of expertise: Agency positioning

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Agency owners networking at a Christmas party organised by The Agency Collective

Social events

Get together with other agency owners over a jolly at various seasonal events e.g. summer parties, Xmas events.

Online group calls

Zoom online calls with fellow agency owners to discuss challenges. Come up with ideas to tackle those challenges together as a group. Peer accountability to help you keep momentum.

Agency owners participating in an Agency Collective Zoom group call to discuss new business, finance, recruitment challenges and provide peer support
Men and women agency owners debating how to improve the rate of women running agencies at the Women In Agencies event hosted by The Agency Collective

Social cause events

Events that will use the power of our community to do good things in society and in our industry.

Looks like you really want to know what the events are like. Here’s what our members think.

“There have been some incredible speakers at The Agency Collective since I've been a member. Blair Enns' pricing talk in particular - blew my mind! The next day I won a piece of work at 30% over the original client budget.”

Matt HodkinsonFounder: Influence Agents

“We recently went through a successful re-brand. I learnt a lot from speaking to other agency owners at The Agency Collective who had gone through a major re-brand. Also, one of the events with Karla Morales-Lee particularly focussed on agency propositions, which helped me a lot.”

Nikki EllisonFounder: Loom

“One of the best Agency Collective events I've been at was the No BS show with Mills & Sinx from ustwo. They reminded me of the importance of sticking to your purpose. We've always stayed true to the video games industry and this year have successfully sold our agency to a global gaming service provider.”

Liz CorlessFounder: ICHI Worldwide

“The Agency Collective introduces us to new people and concepts. It’s had a really positive impact on the agency. For example, I attended a non-exec day with Jon Wilkins, MD of Accenture Interactive. This meeting led to an initiative we believe could transform our sales approach.”

Dean CorneyPartner: The Pull Agency