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Working 100 hours a week is OK…

By February 14, 2020 February 19th, 2020 No Comments

Hustle porn alert: If you love it, there’s no problem with working 100 hours a week (incl the weekend)!

Thanks to Clodagh Higgins for inviting me onto her podcast Agency Life, allowing me to walk down memory lane. My first ‘business’ at uni. My agency. My business now. My life.

We covered so many topics that are hopefully inspirational to any agency owner.

But one topic stood out:

The concept of drive and work/life balance.

I am always deeply curious when I hear successful agency owners talk about this topic. People who run teams of 25/50/100+ people. They talk a lot about work/life balance… but I always wonder whether that approach got them to where they are in the first place? Or whether they actually had no work/life balance in the early days, when they wore all the hats in the business.

Last week I also had the pleasure of catching up with Jonny Tooze. Hugely inspirational agency owner. When I raised this topic, he summarised it really well:

“If you’re working 80 hours a week and everything consistently goes wrong, eventually you will burn out.”

“However, if you’re working 80 hours a week and everything is flying, well guess what: You will have the energy to continue.”

It is a subjective thing and everyone has to make a decision how much they want to work. How much they need to work to achieve their objectives. There is no right or wrong.

How many hours a week do you work?

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