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At the AC, we’re more than a workplace; we’re a community of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact while honouring our core values. Join us in an environment that promotes personal and professional growth, collaboration, well-being, and a strong sense of belonging. Together, we’ll shape the future of the AC and create a fulfilling work experience that lights your fire.

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What it feels like to work

at the AC

At the AC, we believe that the heart of our workplace is our people, and it’s crucial to us that everyone experiences an environment that’s supportive, fulfilling, and aligned with our core values. When you join our team, you become part of something special.

If these values resonate with you, we invite you to consider becoming a part of our close-knit team. We’re excited to welcome individuals who share our passion for making a difference and working together to achieve great things. Join us in creating a workplace where you can truly thrive, both personally and professionally.

Our team’s shared experiences have revealed five core values that define our work culture:

We live by and stay true to our values, consistently delivering on our promises and doing what we say we do. We don’t believe in just ticking the box.
We’re a united group of people, embracing diverse perspectives and working styles, and fostering work-life balance.
Our workplace is built on empathy, care, support, love, and genuine concern for each other’s well-being.
Our work is marked by collective support, effective delegation, and a hive mind approach to problem-solving.
We trust you to do your job your way, promoting self-accountability, autonomy, ownership of roles, and the freedom to excel.

Prior to working at The AC, I had worked in places where their business ‘values’ didn’t align with the way the team was treated. They were toxic environments that felt like a battle for your opinion to be taken seriously, or to be paid a fair wage for your skill set. 

Joining The AC felt like I had finally met my people. Working relationships built on mutual respect, kindness and encouragement. They gave me my own projects and trusted me to execute them without micromanagement. They’ve given me space to speak about my past experiences and provided a safe platform to help me heal from them. They say yes to ideas I produce and always ask if I need support with anything, as I do for the rest of the team. The AC is invested in my wellbeing and personal development. It feels like a family. If you’re wanting a truly supportive circular management system, The AC is the place for you.

Amy Moore – Community & Events Manager

Benefits – Your career, your way

At the AC, we’re more than just a team; we are a close knit community.  Within our small, fully remote team, we create a work environment that’s personal, flexible and caring.  Here are some of the incredible benefits we offer:

Flexible working

  • Work anywhere in the UK. All you need is your trusty laptop (that we provide) and an internet connection.
  • Night owl or early bird? You decide. Our core hours are 10am to 4pm, and we trust you to manage your time effectively.

Make a difference

  • We’re passionate about giving back. Each year, you get an extra day off to volunteer for a charity close to your heart.
  • We encourage team members to share their experiences and insights by delivering talks in schools about careers.

Mental health support + Private healthcare

  • Your well-being matters. Access our Employee Assistance Program 24/7, offering confidential telephone counselling to support you through life’s challenges.
  • Generous private healthcare scheme (available after qualifying period)

Gender neutral enhanced family leave

  • Family comes first. We offer generous enhanced family leave, whether it’s maternity, paternity, adoption, or shared parental leave.

A generous holiday entitlement

  • Need time off? Our starting annual leave entitlement is an impressive 34 days, including bank holidays.
  • Plus, enjoy an extra day added each year of service, up to a maximum of 38 days.

Carbon neutral

  • We’re eco-conscious. Annually, we calculate our team’s carbon emissions and take action to mitigate our footprint.
  • We plant trees to make sure our team and their families are carbon neutral, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable future.

At the AC, we’re not just colleagues; we’re a supportive community that values your individuality. Join us to shape your career, your way, while making a positive impact.

When our team is firing on all cylinders,

here’s what you can expect:

Full transparency

We maintain full transparency in our work, keeping everyone informed about who’s handling what, ongoing projects, and any changes that might impact our work.  We use tools such as Asana and Slack to keep everyone in the know and regularly share key business performance stats.

Effective delegation

We empower our team members with the autonomy to share the workload and delegate effectively.  It’s also nice for each of us to have our own passion project, something we really care about.

Open communication

We encourage open communication, honesty, and a culture of asking questions.  Although we work remotely, you won’t feel remote.  We have a weekly team meeting to plan ahead, a weekly “chinwag” to chew the fat, and quarterly get-togethers in person (mainly for the hugs), as well as other ad hoc meetings and calls when we need them.

Structured approach

We follow a structured approach, promoting simplicity, clarity, alignment, and well-defined ownership of tasks.


We value innovation and offer the freedom to explore new ideas and approaches.

Well-being matters

We prioritise the well-being of our team members, plenty of support and respect for personal boundaries.  We actively encourage screen breaks, making proper time for lunch or the gym and a good walk in nature when you need one.

Inclusivity and respect

We foster an inclusive environment where curiosity and respect for diverse ideas thrive. We make adjustments where needed so that everyone has what they need in order to work at their best and make use of tools that make everyone’s jobs easier.

Celebrating success

We celebrate achievements, both big and small, with positivity and a spirit of camaraderie. We use Friday Pulse to measure our team’s happiness and share success stories and thank yous.

Living our values

We take pride in living our core values every day. We do what we say we do. We are also proud to be a certified B Corp meaning purpose and passion is part of what we do.

Doing what excites you

We believe in doing work that ignites your passion and enthusiasm and lights the fire in your belly.

Challenging the status quo

We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and address challenges head-on.

Continuous improvement

We continually seek progress on projects and provide access to knowledge.  We also want the team to thrive so we are proactive about training and development opportunities.

Are you interested in learning more about our membership?

Jacob Edwards

You can book a call directly with Jacob Edwards, who will tell you all about our amazing community.