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“I knew agency owners had similar challenges. All they needed was a safe place for them to talk openly, collaborate and come up with solutions.”

The Agency Collective was the idea of Peter Czapp, co-founder of The Wow Company, an accounting firm specialising in helping agencies grow more profitably and sustainably.

Peter noticed that Wow’s agency clients often had the same challenges around winning new business, hiring talent, managing projects, and the rollercoaster that is agency life. He wanted to create a community where, together, agency owners could get the advice and support they needed to solve these challenges and realise their full potential.

The very first Agency Collective event was held at Kettners in London on a hot July night in 2013.

Fifty agency owners got together to experience first-hand the power of hanging out with other like-minded people and hearing from a leading industry expert. Seven years on from that first event, the community has grown considerably, with events across the UK and members around the world. As The Agency Collective has grown, so has the power and impact of the peer support that the collective provides.

Peter Czapp from The Wow Company

Lots of love to our community,
Peter Czapp (Co-Founder)

How our team is helping our members…

“We recently had a deeply saddening event occur in our agency that impacted everyone personally. The AC team were immediately there to provide mental support and guidance. It's amazing to know that everyone in The Agency Collective cares deeply about human beings, beyond the agency. Keep it up!”

Simon EvansCo-founder: Giant

“We grew to £2M in only two years. The Agency Collective community played a big part. Times got really tough in the third year, but helped by the Agency Collective community, we managed to turn it back around. The AC team has always been there for me through thick and thin. I really appreciate that.”

Ian CassidyFounder: Share Creative

“I was looking for a mentor to help me through a key period in my business. I knew The Agency Collective didn't specifically offer that as a service. However, they volunteered to give up time for free and provide me with tips on how to grow my agency. It's not often you come across organisations that really mean it when they say: "How can I help?"”

Laura MoxhamFounder: YBA PPC

“In the first month of joining The Agency Collective, they made an incredible effort to ensure I got the most out of my membership and even met me in person for lunch. After that the AC team made a number of introductions to people which resulted in a lot of success for Unity & Motion. I've also made some great friends through the people I've met, which is not something I expected but truly value.”

Charles ParkinsonCo-founder: Unity & Motion

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Agency Collective Chief Community Officer Ellie Hale

Ellie Hale

Chief Community Officer

“Wanted to be part of something that made a difference in people’s lives.”

Been part of the Agency Collective since early 2019 – having chased them down for months and trying to convince them to hire me! I knew by reputation what awesome work the AC was doing for agency owners and wanted to be part of something that was really making a difference. My background and expertise has always been building relationships with people. Now, looking after the AC community is my key priority. I am looking forward to welcoming you to our brilliant events, connecting you with other members and helping you run your agency.

Yiuwin Tsang - Agency Collective

Yiuwin Tsang

Community Specialist

It’s the human connections that make something like this really special.”

Having worked in B2B communities and agency worlds for years, I’ve been keeping a long distance eye on The Agency Collective for some time after meeting both the founders way back when. It’s always struck me as the holy grail of communities – open and accessible, supportive and challenging, empathetic and inclusive. So, to be able to join the team and be a part of The Agency Collective was a total no-brainer.

Agency Collective Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Anne Harlow

Anne Harlow

Chief Sales Officer

“Wanted to work at a place where I am valued.

After meeting a long-term Agency Collective member (John Ashton from Write Arm) for a coffee, I was introduced to The Agency Collective. Feeling at a bit of a crossroad in my career, it was great to find a company which shared the same values as me: Be transparent, be giving, be caring and enjoy the ride. Since then I have spoken to 100s of agency owners and given support and advice where possible. Come and be part of the fun…

Paul Bulpitt co-founder of The Wow Company and The Agency Collective

Paul Bulpitt


“Incredibly proud of what The Agency Collective has become.”

We set up The Agency Collective to make a big difference in the world, so seeing the impact it’s made to so many people is something I’m really proud of. I love chatting to members and hearing their stories – it’s really inspiring to be in a room with so many wonderful people, doing amazing things.

Amy Wilkinson - the Agency Collective

Amy Wilkinson

Community Specialist

The buzz of the AC is compelling – there’s so much going on, and people really show up for each other.”

After being a long time admirer I’m chuffed to join the AC team. My background is in marketing and I also run a consultancy on the side. We’ve been involved in lots of communities and B2B networks over the years, and my approach has always been around honesty, wellbeing and enabling connections for others. The values and overall vibe of the AC is what I love most – people really show up for each other in a genuine way, putting competition and ego at the door.

Peter Czapp co-founder of The Agency Collective presents the latest agency benchmarking report benchpress to agency owners

Peter Czapp


“Love the buzz of our events. They fill me with such joy.”

I love coming to Agency Collective events. I love the energy, how friendly everyone is, and the warmth you feel from being part of a caring community that’s making such a positive difference. It makes me smile every time. I can’t wait to see you at the next event.

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