About The Agency Collective and the team supporting you

We are a place for agencies with heart, with purpose and with ambition.
Our community is the safe space you need. We get agency life because we live it everyday.
Noone understands agencies better than us.
We don’t just help you build your agency, we can help you develop as a leader, find your niche and to reset your love of what you do.
Whatever your challenge is – we will know the people who can support you, and who will give you the time and expertise you need. Join us because you want to be part of something amazing.

We're here to support you and your agency every day.

Ellie Hale

Managing Director

Hiya, I’m Ellie, Managing Director of The Agency Collective. I am incredibly proud of the team behind The AC and the way we are striving always to make our community a more inclusive and supportive place.

I have seen The Agency Collective change agency owners’ lives – from the boundless support we gave our members to get through the Pandemic, to guiding them to find satisfying niches. Agency founders come to us at all stages of their agency journey because they want a real community they can belong to.

Rob Key

Chief of Community

Hey I’m Rob, a former agency owner, designer and currently harnessing my superpowers of ADD and Dyslexia to help people improve their mental health, community and the world around them!

My role at the AC is to look after and nurture the awesome community, run our events and as well as talk about all things agency world, more importantly, taking care of the humans behind them.

The AC is a unique and special place to work, our members share their ‘whole’ selves, open up, talk about the highs and lows. There’s no competition, just a willingness to help each other succeed.

Jeni Bond

Agency Relationship Manager

Hey, I’m Jeni. I’m a passionate new business person, maker of lists and feeder of birds. I have a strong background in sales and being the first point of contact in businesses, spanning across many fields.

The Agency Collective is a seriously special place. I adore watching the process of new members joining us and realising that the community is such a valuable space to be in. I believe in the power of community, because I see the effects of it daily within ours.

The AC has the ability to provide support under every circumstance imaginable when it comes to running an agency. Our members are candid, brutally honest about their struggles, and you very quickly realise you are not alone in your challenges.

Sarah Hoyle

Head of People & Wellbeing

Hi!  I’m Sarah, and I’m on a mission to make HR exciting and straightforward to understand.
As Head of People and Well-being at the AC, I help agency owners do things right by offering straightforward and pragmatic advice to our amazing members when it comes to all things HR and people.
I am bowled over at what a kind, welcoming and supportive community we have here at the AC.  We are surrounded by like minded people who all want to learn, grow and do the right thing by their teams. I am looking at the greater impact our community can make and am passionate about supporting and inspiring young people into the world of work.

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