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#ACpledge: Women In Agencies. Rebecca Brennan Managing Director Of Cubo

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⭐️ Ellie Hale our superstar community manager initiated the Women In Agencies movement in 2019.

To celebrate the epic women who run agencies. Discuss topics that effect female agency owners – both positive and challenging. Come up with solutions to the challenges.

One of the solutions is our #acpledge. As part of mine, I pledged to champion women I know who run agencies.

Here is the list so far: Becky Simms, Emma Sexton, Katy Leeson, Kelly Molson

During my 6am morning run today I thought to myself: I wonder if Rebecca Brennan has already done 10 miles ? Rebecca is a true ‘badass’ (thanks Emma Sexton for bringing that phrase into context).

Ultra marathons, desert runs, climbing, boxing… you have a physical or mental challenge, she will beat it! But Rebecca is also a brilliant agency leader at her agency Cubo Group.

She takes the same energy and hard work from her sporting adventures into the board room – and clients love her for it.

Beyond all her achievements, Rebecca is simply a super kind person. She always finds time to support you, is loyal and makes you feel good about yourself and your ability to move hills and mountains.

Thank you for being awesome, Rebecca! ?

Although this moment belongs to Rebecca, please help me celebrate other incredible female agency owners you know. Let me know who else I should feature in my #acpledge or get in touch with us to chat how YOU can get involved in our social initiatives like: Women In Agencies.

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