What is symptom language, and why is it important in lead generation?

Our Agency Relationship Manager Jeni Bond explains in depth how you can use symptom language in your business with great success!

What is symptom language?

In one of our New Business Clinics at The Agency Collective I encountered the term “symptom language”.

No no, nothing to do with doctor’s diagnosis! Instead, it’s about reframing how you present yourself & your services. This helps people better connect with what you do.

In other words, symptom language is the art of using the wording associated with the problems you fix. For me it would be ‘support for agency owners’ or ‘run happier healthier agencies’

Current issues with symptom language

We see agency owners often use language that doesn’t appeal to their target audience or prospects. Sometimes it’s even hard for me to understand what they do, and I speak to agencies all the time!

There’s either lots of technical jargon, or the advertising is based around the names of the services they provide. Which simply doesn’t connect with anyone!

They might even be the Lord of Google when somebody searches for “marketing agency in Bristol”. However, this leaves a massive gap in reaching those who don’t realise that they need a marketing agency.

Keep it simple – use plain language

Many businesses out there don’t know their problem can be fixed by a particular service. They’re hoping to find solutions to their problems in their symptom language. Instead of looking for advice or guidance on finding a particular type of agency.

Example: think of how many businesses are using terms like “how to increase traffic to my website” instead of “SEO agency” for example.

You open yourself up to all of the people who actually need your services. By making yourself visible as being able to fix particular problems in plain language.

That leads us to this question: why don’t you have a look at how you talk about your agency?

Is it easy to understand what you can do and how you can help someone?

Are you using symptom language? If not, think about what types of problems you solve and how you can use that to attract the pool of clients who don’t even know they need you yet!

It’s such a simple change to make but the results could be huge.

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Jeni Bond of The Agency Collective

Jeni Bond, our Agency Relationship Manager here at The Agency Collective helps agency leaders who are in need of a network, community, support and advice.

We throw ourselves into helping founders who are facing challenges such as new business, recruitment, scaling and profitability to run healthy, happy agencies and encourage a great work/life balance.

We adore the supportive, incredible community we have, and celebrate the successes of our members every single day!