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7th September

ACTeams Event: Project management for agencies

One of the biggest challenges a leadership team of an agency faces is how to boost or maintain productivity across the delivery team throughout a project. Seniors need to look beyond timesheets and task lists for managing projects by considering what is healthy productivity. Join us as Andy Wright from Streamtime giving us the lowdown on Project Management tips as an ex agency owner who talks to agencies all day everyday!

23rd September

How to build a personal brand as an agency owner

Kumba Dauda is the founder of Wholehearted Social and has helped clients reach 10,000, 50,000 and over half a million followers organically.

Alongside her business, Kumba has grown her own personal brand online, and has since been featured on the BBC as a social media expert, spoken about her business on live TV, featured in national newspapers, hosted social media workshops across the globe and signed contracts with brands such as L’Oreal to be the face of their TV and online commercials.

This is why she is passionate and works closely with founders to help them build their personal brands to increase their popularity, credibility and revenue whilst maintaining their personality using organic social media strategies.

Join this session as we explore:
– How to build a personal brand
– Why is it important?
– Why should agency founders get out there and how do you get started?
– What impact can it have on your business
– How to keep it authentic

28th September – running monthly

New Business Clinic #6

New business is always the number one challenge in agencies. It’s the topic most talked about within our community. How do we keep our pipeline healthy? How do we find new clients – how do we generate referrals? Lead generation is constantly on our radar.

This is the sixth new business drop-in clinic to help with your lead generation and new business headaches – hosted by a different new business expert each month.

It’s an hour to discuss your key new business challenges, learn new skills and trade tips.

29th September

Growing an agency from 2 to 85 staff in 18 months

Mark Mars and Adam Smith co-founded Niche Website Builders in December 2019. It has grown from 2 members of staff to 85 in just 18 months. Having been involved in SEO and content marketing for around 15 years, this is Marks second digital agency and he was originally member no.1 of The Agency Collective.

The two agencies Mark founded could not be more different, even though they offer the same core services. The first agency, selling services to businesses, grew far more slowly and Mark considers this venture a failure.

But undeterred, Mark took all the learnings from his first agency and built his new agency to scale offering services primarily to content publishers. Niche Website Builders has recently white labelled their services so that other agencies can now sell the same services that saw them experience this incredible growth.

In this session we will hear:
– How they grew their agency so fast
– The lessons learnt from previous experience
– Why ‘niching down’ works
– How to monetise blogs
– The opportunities there are for agencies to use the same principles
– How you can build your agency

30th September – 4pm

Developing a client growth strategy – open to all

One of the key traits of successful agencies is their ability to truly maximise the opportunities with their existing clients. They look beyond the initial ROI metric of winning the client in the first place, but look at increasing the lifetime value of that win.

It makes perfect sense to think this way – after all, you should only pay the acquisition cost once, so logically if you get two pieces of work from the same client, you double your ROI. That being said, when we conducted a straw poll at a recent AC event on how many agencies have a structured, planned and tested client development process, those that did were in the minority.

We’ve organised this online session with our friends at Mailchimp & Co to help you work out the best client growth strategy for your agency. We’ll explore the practical considerations, activities and processes with agency owners that have implemented and stress tested their plans in their own agencies. Join us to find out what they did, how they did it and what they learned along the way.

13th October!

Coming up in October – Our next LIVE event!

Everything you wanted to know about new business (but were afraid to ask!)

Do you need a new business strategy?

New business is the biggest challenge for most agencies – sometimes it feels like we’re always chasing the next project! With this workshop, our aim is to share real-life solutions and help agencies connect and learn. Register now and come and join us in London on 13th October!

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