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3rd June

ACTeams event: Your personal brand as an agency senior – a LinkedIn masterclass

As an agency senior, your profile is important. Your activity, your posts and your connections can directly impact the agency. Would you like some tips on how to maximise your efforts?

We are joined by new business and LinkedIn-lover Laura Hannan from Pitch121 who will be discussing how your personal brand and activities can impact your agency’s new business and retention.

When Laura isn’t on LinkedIn, she’s reading about LinkedIn, or she’s talking about LinkedIn. So, in this event, we will be discussing YOUR LinkedIn profile. Here are the things we’ll be discussing:

– Goodbye CV!
– Who to connect with and when
– How you can support your colleagues on LinkedIn
– How to make your prospects and clients love you
– Demonstrating your expertise and being visible
– Persistence and goal setting
– It isn’t all about LinkedIn
– Latest cool stuff
– Working remotely – documents to update, motivating your team and staying in touch
– Managing your remote team, recruiting and onboarding

3rd June

Merging agencies

Have you ever thought about merging your agency with another? Perhaps you have an agency partner you work really well with?

In this session, we are joined by Gary Landa and Alistair Macneil from Digital Boutique who have been through the process. We’re looking forward to hearing from them as they talk to us about how they went about merging their agencies.

We’ll be covering:

– Why did they do it?
– How was the process?
– What did they learn?
– How they formed a stronger agency as a result

10th June

Holiday as an agency owner

When you are an agency owner, how do you possibly take time off? Running a small team or perhaps doing it solo, it can be hard to step away and close the laptop lid, knowing that operations will continue as normal!

Join us and our panel of ACers as we talk strategy when taking holiday.

We’ll be discussing:

– How do you delegate? How do you properly switch off?
– How do you manage client expectations?
– Does anyone else struggle with the agency owner anxiety?

Come and talk it through in this hour event.

17th June

How to raise your rates (and your profits)

Earlier this year, over 2,000 agency owners from all over the world took part in a benchmarking study that lifted the lid on how agencies charge for their services. The research showed a correlation between pricing and profitability, so finding ways to increase your rates is key to building a profitable and sustainable agency.

In this interactive session, the report’s co-author (and co-founder of The AC) Peter Czapp will take you through the things he sees the top performing agencies doing when it comes to raising their rates. It’s a chance for you to discover how to:

– Increase your rates without losing clients
– Change the way your rates are perceived
– Handle challenges to the fees you charge
– Sell value, not time
– Charge what you’re worth

This is an interactive event, so it’s a great opportunity to connect with other agency owners around the world to discuss best practices when it comes to how you price your services. You’ll leave with fresh ideas and practical tips you can implement right away.

24th June

Starting a podcast

Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? Research has shown that 25% of people in the UK now listen to podcasts every week, which has more than doubled in the last two years!

We’re joined by Ben Anderson from Sound Rebel as he takes you through everything you should think about before starting a podcast and all the reasons why having a podcast is brilliant.

We’ll be covering:

– How do you come up with a concept?
– How do you define your audience?
– What to think about when structuring episodes

29th June

My journey from agency to Streamtime with Andy Wright

Join Andy Wright, MD of Streamtime, as he talks us through his diverse and challenging career journey – from running a thriving agency to taking the plunge into the world of software!

Andy co-founded and successfully ran ‘For the People’ for a number of years. One of their biggest clients with whom they created an award-winning and much loved product was Streamtime. One thing led to another and Andy took the opportunity to head up the Streamtime business, focusing on driving disruptive innovation and creating a sustainable and collaborative workspace. Andy’s passion is all about helping agency owners run healthy, profitable businesses.

Join us as we chat with Andy about:

– How he grew his For The People agency and how he led the team there
– How he joined Streamtime and what the transition was like
– Why he made the move and what it’s like running a global enterprise from the Southern Hemisphere
– What the key challenges he sees for founders of agencies growing out from the pandemic

30th June – running monthly

New Business Clinic #3

New business is always the number one challenge in agencies. It’s the topic most talked about within our community. How do we keep our pipeline healthy? How do we find new clients – how do we generate referrals? Lead generation is constantly on our radar.

This is the third new business drop-in clinic to help with your lead generation and new business headaches – hosted by a different new business expert each month.

It’s an hour to discuss your key new business challenges, learn new skills and trade tips.

8th July

Register now! Our first LIVE EVENT for 18 months…

Gratitude Festival 2.0!

Let’s celebrate the end of LOCKDOWN together!

It will have been 18 long months without seeing your beautiful faces – it’s time to put that right ASAP.

This summer festival event for agency owners is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people, giving you the time to chat all things ‘agency’ life.

It is also a chance to identify and forge potential partnerships, get sound advice from your peers and most importantly have a bloody good time! We’ll get together and  put the world to rights once more friends.

This event is open to both members and non-members of The Agency Collective. To find out more and secure your ticket, check out the full event listing.

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