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5th April

How to win at TikTok

How to win at TikTok. With over 90k followers and 2M likes on the app, his sketches have been viewed and shared by thousands. Join us in this interactive event, where Rob Mayhew will show you how you can start creating and find your voice on TikTok.

7th April

Getting from A to B: Agency to B Corp

Madelyn Postman, Director of Grain Sustainability joins us to discuss the B Corp movement. In this talk, we will cover: What it means to be a B Corp, what are the benefits, how to become a B Corp, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

14th April

Video for LinkedIn Workshop

An interactive workshop to give you the tools and the confidence to be better at videos for social media. We will cover tone, improvisation, putting colour and tone into your voice and how to get people to want to listen to you.

21st April

Creating a successful agency

Gareth Morgan from Liberty talks to us about his agency journey. From starting on his own in 2008 to being the hugely successful agency he is now we talk about the key points along the way.

28th April

Why language matters

This session, led by Nathan Nalla, Founder of Be The Riot, is focussing on language and terminology to ensure we are mindful of the words we choose to be more welcoming and inclusive for our teams and our clients.

28th April

Parents United.

A drop in chat with other agency parents to share, vent, seek advice and support each other.

Recognising how hard life can be running an agency whilst navigating parenthood we will hold our second Parent-focussed session so we can share tips, open up and ask advice.

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