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The Unstoppables: Ian Cassidy Share

Today’s unstoppable agency owner:

Ian Cassidy from the agency Share Creative. A social insights led marketing agency.

As a long standing member of The Agency Collective community – I know Ian’s journey well. Lots of high ups and downs, in the short period of time of his successful agency existing.

Which is why I could count on Ian for a good story of adapting to the current economic climate.

How is he adapting?

“We are using our social research methodologies to help brands navigate current events.”

The result

Helping a large client roll out their remote working software across schools in the US

An ongoing comms rollout out for a large company to keep their C-Level execs informed on all risks and opportunities of COVID19

Insights agency win for a large Pharma firm

Ian’s top tip

Look beyond the UK. Most of their work is international. Remote working brings the borders closer.

Also he states what’s working well right now is giving brands access to cheaper, faster more scalable insights via social data: https://sharecreative.com/blog/social-sampling-in-research

Have a story to share?

If you’re an agency owner and you have a story of adapting and innovating to the current situation, please share it with me and we’ll try to feature it for you. daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk


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