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The Unstoppables: Simon Schnieders Bluearray

Simon Schnieders SEO agency Bluearray

Today’s unstoppable agency owner:

Simon Schnieders from the SEO agency BlueArray. A top agency purely focussed on SEO. Another super star of The Agency Collective community ⭐️

Just like many of you, Simon’s agency has been flying up to this point. Growing to almost 40 people in only 3 years. However, despite the crap that is going on right now, Simon and his team are innovating with a long term view.

How is he adapting?

They developed an e-learning SEO Academy to help marketeers keep up their skillsets while work is quiet and made it free to access (code is ‘WeGotYouCovered’): www.bluearrayacademy.com

Furthermore, they were quick to create and share their templates of how they communicated to all their team members and clients – sharing it openly with the world. True to the value of being transparent: See the LinkedIn post here

The result

“Currently we’re dealing with ~100 free signups a day and it’s doing more for our brand visibility and recognition than we could have ever paid for. We gave to the universe (not expecting anything back) and it paid back dividends.”

Simon’s top tip

See how you can build your own training packages for your clients. Offer it for free. Now is the time to help and consult – you will build really strong relationships for the future.

Have a story to share?

If you’re an agency owner and you have a story of adapting and innovating to the current situation, please share it with me and we’ll try to feature it for you. daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk


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