The cost of living crisis is set to have a profound effect on us all, both personally and as business owners. But there are simple things that we can do to streamline our costs, save money and avoid needless spending.


We spoke to Maria Griggs of Complete Financial Planning who gave us some excellent tips on reducing the cost of living (and working).

Many of us will have products and services that we pay for on a subscription service, whether it’s software, telecoms or even laptops on. Hire agreement. But when was the last time you checked that you are still paying the best price possible? Maria thinks this is something we should be doing regularly.

“A lot of sales-based businesses had their mobile phones paid for, companies like O2 or Vodafone will do you deals. They will do them because they want to keep your business, particularly at the moment. So if you have like a rolling contract with your mobile phone tariff phone them up, get it cheaper, be brazen with it, don’t ask, don’t get.

Go to an independent rather than a larger company that supply it because you might get a better deal.

Argue everything. Argue what you’re paying for things. Challenge things, you know, if you think that something is too expensive, then say, you know, I was hoping for a lower cost

than that.”

Often speaking to a retentions department rather than the customer services department can yield a much better saving on what you are paying out every month.

Present them with the deals that other companies are offering you for the same thing.

In Maria’s words – don’t ask, don’t get.

Maria Griggs – Mortgage and Protection Specialist at Complete Financial Planning

Maria is a Mortgage and Protection Specialist for Complete Financial Planning, a firm of Independent Financial Advisors providing financial advice to the local community.

She took the plunge into financial services and joined Complete Financial Planning in July 2014.