Tik Tok – What is it and can we really use it in a business context?

I was joined by Rob Mayhew, Creative Director at Gravity Road & Tik Tok Creator, who says yes, we absolutely can.

Tik Tok – What is it?

I don’t like to think of myself as having arrived at the age where I am bewildered by the internet. But it does seem that every time I turn around, a new social media platform seems to have arrived.

I fully appreciate that social media has revolutionised the way we communicate. It can also be a great way of bringing people together, removing accessibility barriers and sharing new ideas.

However, it’s not just our personal lives which have been transformed, but the way we do business too. And it’s easy to see how Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram can help us connect with our audience. But… Tik Tok?!

Isn’t that… well… for kids?


Tik Tok isn’t Just for kids

Rob Mayhew, Creative Director at Gravity Road and also Tik Tok’s @mrrobertmayhew begs to differ. And given his success on the platform, (He has over 140,000 followers and his videos have almost FIVE MILLION VIEWS!) it would seem foolish to argue.

“67% of Tik Tokers believe that the platform helps them get ideas of brands and products they never thought of before.

New parents for instance: I’m a new dad and I was looking on TikTok. What’s it like to take a baby on holiday? To go on a plane? Because I’ve never experienced that.

And then they were selling me things. And I actually thought:

‘That’s quite useful as a thing to buy.’”


Creating Good Content

But how do we create content that will be both engaging and, most important, not an embarrassment?

The answer is simple: Write what you know.

“I just think of premises.

So, like let’s say a meeting room when you go into a meeting room, I just regress into like 20 years of working in an agency.

Are there going to be pastries?

Are there teas and coffees?

Where are you going to sit the client?

Have you got the USB sticks?

Is the IT going to work?

There’s probably, like 50 Tik Toks out of that.”

See you over on Tik Tok, friends!

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Robert Mayhew recently joined Gravity Road as their creative director, where he helps to shape the TikTok content for their clients.

He is also a hugely successful Tik Tok Creator with over 140,000 followers and almost 5 Million views. You can find him @MrRobertMayhew

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