2021 has signalled many things. A potential end in sight of the pandemic with the vaccine roll-out, an overhaul of US politics, and, closer to home, a change in strategy for PR agency, Midnight Communications. Joint MD Flo Powell gives us more detail on the shift in thinking for the business.

As agencies we are famously terrible at practising what we preach. It’s an all-too-familiar occurrence for a website design agency to have a website that hasn’t been updated in ages, or for a PR agency to leave their own PR for last.

We’ve decided to try to turn that around and in our first week back to work, we got our whole team together to introduce them to our newest, biggest, shiniest client: Midnight Communications Ltd. A fantastic agency celebrating 26 years in business, having just won some exciting new clients with an innovative approach to smashing targets!

We’re also getting more organised. Towards the end of last year, we reached out to Agency Collective members to ask for some advice on timesheet software. The wonderful membership responded in their droves with links and tips, and, as a result, we have successfully implemented Clockify into our everyday lives. 

Our entire team are now given their projected hours for each month, and Midnight is included within that. They have their instructions on what to do with those hours which includes potential client research, social media posts, blogs for our website, white papers, website updates and… shock horror… our own PR campaign! 

Wish us luck – and watch this space!

Flo Powell Midnight Communications

Flo Powell is the joint MD of PR agency Midnight Communications, helping businesses and brands to win trust and recognition through a powerful mix of PR and content services.

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