In a realm often dominated by conformity, Charles Sladdin, Founder of Purple Banana explains the absolute imperativeness of embracing authenticity and following one’s heart and why instead of following a web worn path, we should be finding an authentic niche in the dynamic world of agency life.

Why Embrace Authenticity?

Imagine standing out in a crowded room filled with echoes of sameness. That’s precisely what authenticity offers in the realm of agency life. Charles’ journey begins with the unconventional name “Purple Banana” for his agency. This audacious choice immediately sets him apart and conveys a message: embracing authenticity allows you to carve a unique space for yourself, one where you’re not just another face in the crowd.

Lessons from Charles’ Journey

  1. Passion over Preconceptions: Charles’ decision to transition from an unrelated background to a career in design was driven by his passion and curiosity. He chose authenticity over preconceived notions of what his career path should be. Embracing authenticity means acknowledging your passions and pursuing them fearlessly, regardless of what others expect.
  2. Navigating Change with Conviction: Charles didn’t hesitate to embrace freelancing while pursuing a history degree. This bold move underscores the importance of authenticity in navigating change. Embracing authenticity during times of transition allows you to honour your journey and explore uncharted territories without fear.
  3. Leading with Purpose: As Purple Banana evolved, Charles made a deliberate choice to shift from a generalist approach to one centred around charities and B Corporations. This transition showcased his commitment to leading with purpose. Embracing authenticity in your agency means aligning your work with your values and passions, creating a genuine connection with your clients and projects.

Practical Ways to Embrace Authenticity

  1. Discover Your Passions: Take a page from Charles’ book and explore what truly excites you. Identify your passions and find ways to integrate them into your agency’s offerings. Clients are drawn to authenticity, and showcasing your passion can set you apart in a competitive landscape.
  2. Embrace Change: Don’t shy away from change; embrace it with open arms. Like Charles, navigate transitions with conviction, letting your authentic self guide your decisions. Embracing authenticity means staying true to your values, even in times of change.
  3. Identify Your Niche: Define your agency’s niche based on your strengths, interests, and values. By aligning your expertise with your passions, you create a unique value proposition that resonates with your target audience.
  4. Lead with Purpose: Let purpose drive your agency’s direction. Choose projects and clients that align with your values, and convey your authentic mission in your branding and messaging. Clients are more likely to connect with an agency that stands for something genuine.
  5. Cultivate Openness: Encourage a culture of openness within your team. Embracing authenticity extends beyond individual actions; it fosters an environment where creativity flourishes, diverse perspectives are celebrated, and everyone feels empowered to contribute authentically.

Final Thoughts: Your Journey of Authenticity

Charles Sladdin’s journey with Purple Banana serves as a compelling reminder of the power of embracing authenticity. It’s not just about being unique; it’s about connecting deeply with your agency’s purpose and creating meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. By infusing authenticity into every facet of your agency, you’ll forge a path that’s uniquely yours—one that resonates with others and empowers you to make a lasting impact in the world of agency life. So, take inspiration from Charles’ story and embark on your journey of embracing authenticity today.

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Charles Sladdin

Charles Sladdin, Co-Founder, Purple Banana

Charles is an experienced creative with a demonstrated history of working in the third sector. He is also Co-Founder & Creative Director at Purple Banana Creative Design.

When he’s not working at Purple Banana, he enjoys Cooking for family, walks with his dog Bertie, building LEGO and weekend hikes.

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