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#ACpledge: Women Who Help Agencies: Anne Harlow & Ellie Hale

Anne Harlow and Ellie Hale of the peer support community for agency owners The Agency Collective

I decided to extend International Women’s Day 😉 Because I want to say something. Feel free to reject my extension and stop reading here.

Every week I make an #ACPledge to celebrate an awesome woman who runs an agency.

The list so far: Becky Simms, Emma Sexton, Katy Leeson, Kelly Molson, Rebecca Brennan, Liz Corless, Kayleigh Toyra, Sue Keogh, Jenny Kitchen

This week I am championing two women. To be even more controversial, they do not run an agency ?. But instead help 1,000s of agency owners in our network get answers to their challenges and connect with their peers.

Ellie Hale and Anne Harlow are both super and rock stars of The Agency Collective. We have had our best 3 months ever in the business and that’s all down to these two legendary women!

For those of you that know Anne and Ellie, you’ll know how caring and giving these two are. From first contact with The Agency Collective, Anne makes you feel special with her infectious charm and kindness.

The moment you join our community Ellie is there to welcome you and connects you to other agency owners. She deeply cares for human beings and our community.

Sometimes it is hard with so many agency owners in our community to be there for every single one. But Ellie and Anne work tirelessly to try their best and make that happen!

Thank you for being epic you two!

Cheers, Daniel

The Agency Collective

The Agency Collective

A peer support community for agency owners. A safe place to talk about your challenges openly – when you need the help most. An opportunity for you to build new long lasting relationships with people who can provide support and leads for future work.

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