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Women In Agencies

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Last year our epic chief of community Ellie Hale initiated our Women In Agencies movement. To highlight and address the disparity between male and female agency owners. We thought we’d give you a bit of a rest from all the COVID talk and bring you something positive and inspirational… 

This month at The Agency Collective we are focussing attention on the epic women who in our industry who have built great agencies.

We are looking at how they did it, how do they get their big budget clients, the challenges they have been facing, what changes they think we need to make in our industry and more.

Thank you for supporting the cause – we’re looking forward to hearing your inspiring stories  Tamara Littleton, Rachel Bell, Louisa Dunbar, Becky Simms, Beth Sherman, Abigail Dixon FCIM/ICF Accredited Coach, Melin Edomwonyi, Sophia ‘Puff’ Story, Alison King CIPD, Eimear McManus

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The Agency Collective

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