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#ACpledge: Women In Agencies. Sue Keogh founder of Sookio

Sue Keogh founder of Cambridge based content agency Sookio

This woman overcame all odds to starting her agency!

Thanks to our wonderful Ellie Hale for setting up the Women In Agencies movement in 2019. We celebrate epic women who run agencies, debate challenges female agency owners face and come up with solutions. Attend our next event in May – reach out to her if you’d like to get involved (Men and Women)!

My weekly #ACPledge to celebrate an awesome woman who runs an agency continues.

Part of my pledge so far: Becky Simms, Emma Sexton (MYWW), Katy Leeson, Kelly Molson, Rebecca Brennan, Liz Corless, Kayleigh Toyra ✊

Sooo Sooo Sokioooooo. Is the way she used to write her name to help English folk pronounce her name. It also reminds me of a Phil Collins song. Sue Keogh – from Sookio – started her agency in the height of the recession in 2008, while being pregnant and tackling 2x redundancies in 18 months. Talking about beating the odds!

This strength exemplifies Sue, who does not give up. A real powerhouse of change in her local community (Cambridge). Where alongside running her agency, she helps run a radio station, is an active alumni of her university and is constantly involved in local events where she inspires other entrepreneurs with her story.

You have to love her for her straight talking. Kind and caring. Such a fun person to be around. Expect good energy when she shows up.

Thank you for being awesome, Sue! 🚀

Although this moment belongs to Sue, please help me celebrate other incredible female agency owners you know. Let me know who else I should feature in my #acpledge or get in touch with us to chat how YOU can get involved in our social initiatives like: Women In Agencies.

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" has spoken to over 3,000 agencies to find out what the most successful agencies do really well. His knowledge pans across agency niche specialisation, new business, marketing, negotiation, lead generation, recruitment, building a great agency culture, agency finance, mergers & acquisition, scaling your agency, motivation, winding down your agency. His email is daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk

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