Winning new business has become that much harder over the past few years, after everyone’s pockets being hit hard. So how can we stand out? It’s really all in the details.

Now obviously, nothing is quite that simple and to start winning new business leads, you have to find them in the first place. At a recent new business clinic, the methods people found effective included (paid) networking events (just not necessarily conferences and conventions), LinkedIn, referrals and keeping in touch with former clients.

But regardless of how you meet new prospects, you then need to nurture a relationship with them, proving that not only are you an expert at what you do and provide them with something of value but also letting them know that you are trustworthy AND that you value them.

And to do this, you need to personalise their experience with you. When they tell you something about their business or about them, keep a note of it.

Our Agency Relationship Manager and resident expert when it comes to winning new buisness, Jeni Bond says:  “The majority of people I talk to, I know how many kids they’ve got, how old they are, and it just helps to for things to be more personal.”

It doesn’t have to be personal data either – a work anniversary is a great reason to get in touch – just don’t send them a bog-standard work anniversary message on LinkedIn!

Jen quite rightfully points out: “We all know what it’s like to be the 98th person that a company has messaged today: “This is your little set bit of time, this is nothing personal for me. This is just that “keeping in touch” kind of message.””

Nothing special, right?

Well make it special – sending them a card, a note or even a thoughtful, and sincere email is going to help you stand out as someone is invested in them and their business. And it needs to be consistent, every time you make contact, you need to keep the same attention to detail and the same level of interest, whatever the conversation is about.

And, of course this also extends to your pitch – rather than rushing to tell them all about what you do, or what your products are, you should spend the time getting to know what their specific pain points are and then have a conversation about how you and your agency can answer that particular set of needs.

Winning new business: It really is all in the details.

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