It’s easy to say you care about people and planet, but that alone isn’t enough anymore. We have to go beyond the signalling and noise to ask for more action. Something raw. Something real. Something that resonates.

At a moment when humanity is experiencing inferiority from the planet, technology, and even each other, it certainly feels like we’re a bit f**cked. On the surface at least. As agency owners we have an opportunity, no, a responsibility, to drive positive change.

Joining the B Movement was a small, but punchy way that we, as an agency, could make a minor adjustment to become part of a much bigger movement making major changes.

Let’s face it – as agency owners we all have shared-trauma of agency life – the late nights, barely being able to keep our head above the water. Anything additional to our day-to-day feels like it could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. So we hired Sharon Callcut, a B Leader to work alongside us on our application. It’s been great to have somebody that knows the process to guide us through each stage.

As proponents of change, we need to embody it. We have our own ‘Regency Champions’; a way for each team-member to hero a purposeful element of business that they’re passionate about, become a leader in it, and then educate us all on that topic. They report back monthly with their findings, giving the agency an edge in relevancy and our people a specialism that they’re passionate about.

We’ve also noticed procurement is getting tighter, with organisations being forced to show what they’re doing in ‘Good Business’. So, if you haven’t taken a look into how you might be able to do better business, now’s the time to make sure you’re not going to be left behind.

Benefits of Being a B Corp for Regency

B Corp is a badge of honour for agencies. It adds a crucial layer of truth and authenticity that’s necessary for purposeful campaigning to work effectively.

Internally, it gives us access to a pool of passionate talent. Creative minds that embody our mission and genuinely care about our partners and projects.

At Regency, we don’t know how to be anyone but ourselves – it’s in our founding DNA. When it comes to being a B Corp, the more we communicate our values, the more aligned our new business and future partners are. It makes our conversation better and our relationships stronger. We have amazing clients who, in-turn , have become lifelong friends.

We do our due diligence to ensure long-term matches with our clients and partners and our B Corp accreditation is only helping us to further this reality. But it’s so much more than an accreditation. It’s validation. It’s responsibility. It’s a progressive guide that supports the progress of our passion and ability. This leads to better, more impactful cultural work that drives results.

Regency’s Contribution to Positive Environmental Change

We have the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s leading environmental organisations and coalitions. These clients not only allow us to flex our creative muscles, but also motivate us to further improve our environmental awareness and sustainable business practices. 

Such exposure has provided us with a level of awareness that filters through all of our agency activations and creative campaigns. From the decisions we make at design stage, through the messages our output conveys – we take pride in being an agency driven to support genuine environment change at both a national, and international level. 

But it’s not just about what we create; it’s how we operate. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. We’re zero-waste, prioritise local sourcing and work alongside fellow B Corp organisation Ecologi to reduce our carbon emissions and fund global reforestation projects. We’re hands-on with purpose-driven charities, actively volunteering to support causes that champion environmental sustainability.

We’re never going to be perfect but we can ensure we’re doing everything we can to improve. For example, this year our Christmas client gifting campaign will be fully recyclable and include products from other accredited B Corp organisations only.

Why Working as a B Corp is Important to Regency

Ultimately, we’re an agency powered by purpose. From our team, to our clients – a purpose driven approach is the common vein in all aspects of our business. For us, B Corp Certification is a way making this official, it’s a way of showing we take this sh*t seriously.

I think it’s common knowledge that most creative agency’s do great work – but at Regency we want to go one step further than great work. We want to do great work that’s been built on great business principles. B Corp provides us with a way of authenticating the way we work – it not only challenges us as an agency, but it challenges our clients to make better procurement decisions too. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think B Corp is the silver bullet to good business. In an ideal world this should be the baseline for all business. But until this becomes a prerequisite to the way we work as an industry, we’ll continue to do all we can to contribute towards a B Corp shaped shift in business practice! 

And so here we are – loving the journey, and urging all agencies to join us on the ride… So if you’re thinking about accreditation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions ????

Josh Gutteridge Regency Creative

Josh Gutteridge
CEO & Founder

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