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When you lose your mojo, don’t let this happen to you

Things are going really well – “too well” – the pessimist’s conclusion. And as if their prediction was, correct the landslide begins.

One thing after another goes wrong. That feeling of: “Yeah, but that would never happen to me!” Suddenly spiralling out of control. It is now: “All bad things happen to me!” Or “Why is everything going wrong?”

The good news is: We have all been there.

The big question is: How do you react?

I recently spoke to a couple of people who went through unfortunate life changing experiences. Given their ambitious nature as agency owners, their first reaction is to search for a short term fix and get straight back to business. Soldier on!

This might sound patronising and feel free to reject my advice

If this is your reaction, stop right now! Evaluate the severity of what has happened. Be kind to yourself. Step away from it all and work through it.

The last thing you want is to have regrets that you didn’t take that time off. You will most likely make better business decisions on your return.

The great thing about running a business is that you can always start again. I closed my agency and here I am running the best peer support community for agency owners.

But you can’t turn back the hand of time and deep cuts won’t heal without treatment.

When this is all over, your mojo will come back.

I promise my friend.

Lots of love,


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Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" has spoken to over 3,000 agencies to find out what the most successful agencies do really well. His knowledge pans across agency niche specialisation, new business, marketing, negotiation, lead generation, recruitment, building a great agency culture, agency finance, mergers & acquisition, scaling your agency, motivation, winding down your agency. His email is daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk

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