As a member of The AC, you have access to the following benefits:

Zoom calls with experts and our peers

You get access to multiple Zoom calls a month with HR, finance, legal, new business experts and more. Plus peer support calls with agencies in specific sectors or with specific skills.

Introductions for partnerships and peer support

Right now is the best time to bond with others. As a member, you get regular introductions from us to other members for peer support and potential partnerships. Also to our incredible network of experts.

Dr Kat Arney

Up-to-date knowledge in our Slack

You will access the best up-to-date agency knowledge from experts in their field. Plus, get all of your questions answered by your peers.

In-house HR & Employment Law Expert

We have our very own resident HR expert, Sarah May, our Head of People and Well-being at The Agency Collective. Sarah is always happy to have a chat with any of our members about anything HR or people related and offers an HR consultancy service for a special AC rate. 

She also runs The AC Academy, an online training programme aimed specifically at small agencies that will help you with those soft skills you need to help both you and your team reach their full potential.

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Boost your Linkedin reach

As part of our Team Purple initiative, we help each other to boost your post reach. Our members are regularly trending on LinkedIn and have won work on the back of their boosts.

Access to our member's AC Hub

You can catch up on recordings from the amazing back catalogue of events on The AC Hub. Access valuable information to help you run a profitable and sustainable agency. We also share discount codes for brilliant products and services to help you on your agency journey.

24/7 mental health support for you, and your team

We have an extended Employee Assistance Program which provides mental health support and counselling sessions for all of our members and their teams. It’s 100% confidential, and we don’t know who uses it or why. We just hope that you do use it when you need it.

Are you interested in learning more about our membership?

Jacob Edwards

You can book a call directly with Jacob Edwards, who will tell you all about our amazing community.