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What’s behind your agency name?

By February 25, 2020 2 Comments

What’s behind your company name?

Sometimes it does what it says on the tin: The Agency Collective. A peer support community for agencies 😉 Other times there are really clever little Easter Eggs hidden in a company name story.

Here are some we love from our community of agency owners (all real): LoveGunn = Tom Love + Christian Gunn ❤️? “GunnLove felt a bit too Donald Trumpy! ?” RubberCheese = “Clearly a ridiculous name that 17 years ago, we hoped people would remember!” Kelly Molson

Search Seven = “As we are a search engine marketing agency that pledges to give back 7% of our profits to charity every year.” Gavin Willis

Leidar = “Our mission is to help clients find their North Star. Leidar is the Norse word for North Star!” Madelyn Postman

Convivio Team Ltd = “An Italian word that captures the feeling of being round a big table together with family and friends sharing good food and conversation.” Steve Parks

The Light | Brand Communications & Digital Strategy= “I personally had a difficult couple of years, but always knew there would be light at the end of it. And there was.” Clair Heaviside

It made me curious: “What is the story behind your company name?”

The Agency Collective

The Agency Collective

A peer support community for agency owners. A safe place to talk about your challenges openly – when you need the help most. An opportunity for you to build new long lasting relationships with people who can provide support and leads for future work.


  • My agency name comes from a lifelong mispronunciation of my surname. Very few people get the igh trigraph and pronounce my name Mighall as in higher. Instead I’m always called Alick Mig-hall. I even go to some events, or get correspondence, where my name is written as Alick Miggle.

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