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What’s behind your agency name?

What’s behind your company name?

Sometimes it does what it says on the tin: The Agency Collective. A peer support community for agencies 😉 Other times there are really clever little Easter Eggs hidden in a company name story.

Here are some we love from our community of agency owners (all real): LoveGunn = Tom Love + Christian Gunn ❤️🔫 “GunnLove felt a bit too Donald Trumpy! 😅” RubberCheese = “Clearly a ridiculous name that 17 years ago, we hoped people would remember!” Kelly Molson

Search Seven = “As we are a search engine marketing agency that pledges to give back 7% of our profits to charity every year.” Gavin Willis

Leidar = “Our mission is to help clients find their North Star. Leidar is the Norse word for North Star!” Madelyn Postman

Convivio Team Ltd = “An Italian word that captures the feeling of being round a big table together with family and friends sharing good food and conversation.” Steve Parks

The Light | Brand Communications & Digital Strategy= “I personally had a difficult couple of years, but always knew there would be light at the end of it. And there was.” Clair Heaviside

It made me curious: “What is the story behind your company name?”

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" has spoken to over 3,000 agencies to find out what the most successful agencies do really well. His knowledge pans across agency niche specialisation, new business, marketing, negotiation, lead generation, recruitment, building a great agency culture, agency finance, mergers & acquisition, scaling your agency, motivation, winding down your agency. His email is daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk


  • My agency name comes from a lifelong mispronunciation of my surname. Very few people get the igh trigraph and pronounce my name Mighall as in higher. Instead I’m always called Alick Mig-hall. I even go to some events, or get correspondence, where my name is written as Alick Miggle.

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