Selling your services can be tough in today’s fast-paced business world. But don’t worry, Katie Street, Founder of Street Agency, has a great solution. Using content creation to ramp up trust and engagement. 

Using content creation, according to Katie, is the key to gaining trust and engaging your target audience. Let’s break down the steps of using content creation to strengthen your marketing efforts.

How Using Content Creation Builds Trust

Using content creation helps you build trust with your audience. Traditional sales methods may not be enough because most people aren’t interested in what you offer right away. That’s where content comes in—it helps you establish a trusted relationship with potential customers.

Addressing Audience Needs with Great Content

By creating valuable content, you can address your audience’s needs directly. Write insightful articles, record podcasts, make engaging videos, and host webinars that tackle the challenges your audience faces. Offer practical solutions to the problems that keep them up at night.

Engaging Your Audience with Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way of using content creation to engage your audience. Hosting a podcast allows you to showcase your expertise and generate more content. You can create written summaries, full-length videos, short clips, and SlideShares from your podcast episodes. Share them on different platforms to reach more people.

Be Genuine and Consistent in Using Content Creation

Creating content takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Be yourself and show authenticity. Emails don’t need to be fancy; plain text emails work better. Stay real and relatable. Consistency is key—keep creating content regularly to maintain a connection with your audience.

Reaching a Wider Audience with Effective Distribution

Understand your audience and how they like to receive content. Use affordable platforms to distribute your content effectively. Share it across different channels to reach more people. Learn from Katie’s experience and explore recommended platforms that can support your content creation journey.

It’s Not About Selling

Using content creation is a powerful way to build trust and engage your audience. By focusing on creating valuable content, leveraging podcasts, being authentic, and distributing your content effectively, you can become a trusted authority in your field. 

Remember, it’s not just about selling; it’s about connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

Start creating content today and watch the impact it has on your marketing efforts.

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Katie Street

Katie Street is the Founder and Managing Director of Street Agency, the “agency for agencies.” Street Agency helps clients develop marketing strategies to get noticed and attract more leads. Katie launched the company after realizing she could create an easier way for agencies to build engagement with brands and companies.

She is also the Co-founder of Tanba, The Agency New Business Academy. Tanba empowers agencies to grow by sharing content and insights from the best in the business. Additionally, Katie hosts the Word on the Streetpodcast and is a New Business Peer Network Chair for BIMA (British Interactive Media Association).

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