Understanding Young People Report

This report is fascinating! It shines a light on our lovely younger generations. It helps us understand young people: How they feel about the world, life, changes in behaviour. It highlights what we need to understand about the impact these generations will have on all of our agencies and our industry.

The report was created by the epic youth consultancy The People (download the full report here)

Here are some of the highlights:

Lack of trust in mainstream media

The Shaderoom is a good example of this shift (one of millions of other channels). It probably raises even bigger questions about the extent mainstream media is detached from the media habits of young people.

Recommerce > ecommerce

Buying ‘vintage’ as a ‘broke’ student is not a new thing – think Porto Bello Market (London). However, the pace and volume at which second hand products are now circulated online creates a whole new market.


Today young people are regularly taking part in virtual activities without a physical origin, but many still feel the same level of human connection. This touches on entertainment, sex, social interaction, etc.

Drop in consumption of alcohol – where is the other outlet?

Not just in the UK (-15% litres/capita decrease since 2004) – take a look at Russia (-43% litres/capita decrease since 2004). Interestingly a recent increase in China though. Where is the other outlet though? How are young people spending their time and energy?

The two extremes

Despite all the connection, a large proportion of young people feel lonely and are not afraid to vocalise that anymore.

On the other end there is a large proportion of young people who seek extreme isolation – total disconnection.

Life coaches for teenagers – yep that’s right

A huge proportion of teenagers are hiring life coaches to guide them to what appears to be an ever growing complex system of information creating the new reality. Sub cultures emerging everywhere. They want direction. Answers to the purpose of life. But also be the best they can be. And even teenagers becoming trained life coaches is massively on the rise.

Download the full report here

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Monday 13 July, 2pm – 3pm

The workshop will be run by the founders of youth consultancy The People and help us all at The Agency Collective understand how we need to shift the culture within our agencies, our marketing strategies and plans with clients to meet the demands of young generations.

Kian Bakhtiari
Kian Bakhtiari is the founder of The People, an award-winning youth powered consultancy. He was formerly Youth Insight Lead at Dentsu Aegis Network, one of the largest media and advertising groups in the world. Kian is also a Global Judge for the Festival of Media, a One Young World Ambassador, and an Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum. He is passionate about unleashing the creative potential of young people.

Tobi Adesuyi
Tobi Adesuyi is co-founder of The People an award-winning youth powered consultancy. He was formerly a research analyst at Channel 4 Tribes, Strategist at Bow & Arrow and Insight and Innovation consultant at C-space. Tobi oversees The People’s community of 150+ young creators.

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