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Top 10 Podcasts Agency Owners Listen To

By January 12, 2020 2 Comments

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There are agency owners who love podcasts and those that hate them. I asked over 1,000 agency owners whether they listen to podcasts. 

The ones that do not, have very strong opinions on why they avoid podcasts: They prefer to listen to Audio Books. They can not take in information the same way as reading a book. 

The agency owners that love podcast use them to learn, escape, fall asleep and be entertained. They immediately were willing to share a list of their favourite podcasts.

I looked through the results and curated:

  • Top 10 podcasts agency owners listen to
  • What makes these top 10 special
  • A link to a list of other frequently mentioned podcasts in my research


Jim Bowes founder of Manifesto and Rob Belgrave founder of Wirehive present their podcast Alexa Stop for agency owners

#10 : Alexa Stop


Hosts: Robert Belgrave & Jim Bowes

Two technology CEOs Jim Bowes and Robert Belgrave discuss how technology is changing our lives, joined every month by a special guest from the industry.

What makes this podcast special?

I was once told that a great show comprises of unique, entertaining and informative content. Alexa Stop has it all. It helps that both Rob and Jim are witty. They have a light-hearted approach to discussing future technology. This could have easily turned into a really deeply technical podcast, only understood by the most hard core developers amongst us. But instead it uncovers future technology in depth in a way anyone can understand it.

Well worth listening to their live show they hosted at SXSW: https://soundcloud.com/alexa-stop-podcast/013-live-from-sxsw-2018-the-best-is-yet-to-come-digital-renaissance 

Gary Vee or Gary Vaynerchuk founder of Vayner Media presents his podcast for entrepeneurs The Garyvee Audio Experience

#9 : The GaryVee Audio Experience


Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

On this podcast you’ll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats Gary Vaynerchuk has given, as well as new and current thoughts he records originally for this audio experience.

What makes this podcast special?

Love him or hate him. Gary has worked tirelessly for years building a media empire. If you fall into the ‘love him’ camp, then he can be one of the most inspirational characters. There is a great video I watched a while back where he spoke about overcoming rejection. He spent a minute explaining how too many people feel entitled. Therefore suffer more deeply from rejection to people who do not feel entitled. I suspect it is more complex than that, but he has a good point.

His podcasts are all about trying to inspire people to become entrepreneurs. To beat procrastination: “Get off the bitch train and just do it”. To improve your self discipline. You get the point.

Lucy Mann founder of new business consultancy Gunpowder Consulting on a panel with Felix Velarde discussing new business as part of an episode of her podcast Small Sparks Theory.

#8 : Small Spark Theory


Host: Lucy Mann

Small Spark Theory explores the small changes we can make to our sales and marketing process to achieve better new business results as an agency.

What makes this podcast so special?

This is a relatively new podcast started in 2017, but has quickly become hugely popular amongst agency owners. Lucy managed to get some great industry folk on board as guests to talk about how an agency can improve their sales and marketing. 

I personally really enjoyed the ‘culture’ episode with Katz Kiely: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ep9-culture-katz-kiely/id1199337779?i=1000391912636&mt=2

No such thing as a fish podcast cover featuring hosts James Harkin; Andrew Hunter Murray; Anna Ptaszynski; Dan Schreiber makers of the quiz show QI with Stephen Fry

#7 : No Such Thing As A Fish


Host: James Harkin; Andrew Hunter Murray; Anna Ptaszynski; Dan Schreiber

A weekly podcast in which the QI researchers share their most interesting recent discoveries.

What makes this podcast special?

It is great to see a non-business related podcast being ranked amongst the top ten. These four hosts combine general knowledge with wit. If you enjoy watching QI with Stephen Fry. You will enjoy this podcast. It is the perfect way to switch off from a busy day at work. Yet you still gain sometimes useful and sometimes less useful knowledge.

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffmann on cover of his podcast for entrepreneurs called Masters Of Scale

#6 : Masters Of Scale


Host: Reid Hoffmann

In each episode, Reid shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders. Masters of Scale commits to a 50-50 gender balance for guests.

What makes this podcast special?

Reid Hoffmann has undoubtedly built a very impressive business empire. Being a key board member at PayPal in the early days. More importantly founding LinkedIn. 

There is a series of videos on youtube Reid Hoffmann hosted at Stanford University called Blitzscaling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3RrVmv5WwA 

The thread of that series is continued in this podcast Masters Of Scale. He brings leaders of many billion dollar companies and looks under the hood of how the people behind them behave.

Mills founder of agency ustwo presenting his podcast JFDI to inspire agency owners and talk openly about mental health.

#5 : JFDI


Host: Mills

Yo! This is the raw and honest externalisation of my own inner monologue.

What makes this podcast special?


Mills has built one of the most successful ‘agencies’ in the UK (www.ustwo.com). A studio that is one of a kind. A client services business, a games development studio, the I personally had the pleasure of interviewing Mills & Sinx, the co-founders at one of our recent events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W7ZNdBDtKY

With all this success, his honesty in his podcast is admirable. He fully embraces vulnerability. Talks about all of the emotions he goes through every day. There is no filter and no map to how he presents his flood of thoughts. 

Joe Rogan in his studio presenting The Joe Rogan Experience where he interviews incredible guests from around the world

#4 : The Joe Rogan Experience


Host: Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience is a long form conversation with guests. 

What makes this podcast special?

According to http://www.itunescharts.net/charts/podcasts/ this podcast is amongst the top 10 podcast in the US and UK. I have not listened to it enough to really find THE ONE SPECIAL THING about it. I wonder if it is popular because it is amongst the top ten?! Like filtering all movies ever produced by the number of ‘all time’ views.

At the same time I listened to the full episode with journalist Michael Stott. A very in-depth interview about being kidnapped by Somalie pirates. I bought the book at the back of it.

I think what is special about his show is how in-depth the interviews are. Some of the shows go on for over 3 hours. Tackling every angle of the topic. 

Note: He is a famous comedian and apparently some of the interviews are funny. I must have skipped those so far.

Guy Raz presenting his podcast How I Built This on the NPR radio station

#3 : How I Built This


Host: Guy Raz

Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the movements they built.

What makes this podcast special?

I personally didn’t know much about the host Guy Raz. I also don’t think that matters much in this case. This show is definitely not about Guy. This show is about the people he brings onto the show. There are a whole list of inspirational entrepreneurs, look at the list here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-i-built-this-with-guy-raz/id1150510297?mt=2

The production is also at a really high quality compared to most podcasts I listen to. The use of music and the way the interviews are edited keep you really engaged the whole way through.

In the process of listening to some of the interviews, I discovered that VICE Media co-founder Suroosh Alvi used to be a heavy heroin addict. WOW! He then goes on to build one of the most recognised youth media brands in the world. But not an easy journey. In fact an extraordinary story of how VICE was built, here is the link to that episode.

David C Baker and Blair Enns founder of Win Without Pitching present their podcast for agency owners called 2Bobs

#2 : 2Bobs


Hosts: Blair Enns & David C. Baker

Conversations on the art of creative entrepreneurship with David C. Baker and Blair Enns

What makes this podcast special?

Blair Enns spent a long time doing new business for network agencies and has dedicated his life to teaching people his Win Without Pitching manifesto. Right or wrong. He has a lot of valuable insights into the agency world. His co-host David, ran his own marketing firm at some point in his life. But he’s more known now for having consulted 100s of business find their ‘true expertise’.

The touch upon a lot of great challenges that agencies follow with a refreshing way of thinking about business. 

An episode I recommend listening to is “Defining Success For Creatives”:


Tim Ferriss author of the books 4 hour week, Tribe Of Mentors and Clan of Titans presents his podcast the Time Ferriss Show which has had 200 million episodes downloaded

#1 : The Tim Ferriss Show


Host: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

What makes this podcast special?

Tim is a real master at content curation. He’s written two books showcasing his ability: Tools Of Titans and Tribe Of Mentors. They are a curation of behavioural trends he found interviewing well known people from around the world. He’s learnt to ask questions that reveal a lot more insights than your standard podcast interviews. Focussing on practical tips from masters in their respective fields.

Tim Ferriss is also well known for his 4-Hour Workweek book. The question he is consistently asked himself is how do I get to goal x in the shortest time possible? Here is a great talk he has done at the Do Lectures a few years ago: https://vimeo.com/2396001

The extended list

I also promised to share a list of other podcasts that were frequently mentioned: see it here

Please share this article with an agency owner friend you think this could be useful for. Or perhaps you think there’s a podcast that deserves a mention, then just post it in the comments below.

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  • Kat says:

    Interesting list but depressing to see how male-dominated it is, with the exception of Lucy Mann. I listen to a lot of business and agency podcasts and so many of them seem to be men talking with other men. As a woman running a small agency/consultancy I appreciate the lessons and conversations that everyone brings to the table, but I’m looking for a bit more diversity in voices and experiences. I really enjoy Tara McMullin’s What Works? but would love to hear any other recommendations.

    • I completely agree, Kat. It’s what the research results came back with as the top podcasts. Thanks for your recommendation for Tara McMullin’s: What Works. Please reach out to my colleague ellie@theagencycollective.co.uk who runs our Women In Agencies initiative. We’d love to get you involved in changing these numbers… we can only make a change if we get active help from everyone who cares. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

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