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The Unstoppables: Madelyn Postman Leidar

Madelyn Postman from PR agency Leidar

Today’s unstoppable agency owner:

Madelyn Postman from Leidar – another one of our epic members!
After merging her agency Grain Creative, which mainly provided brand and design services, she now also covers thought leadership, crisis communications and media relations, with a focus on sustainability throughout.

The current situation calls for a different way to look at the world. Madelyn and her team discovered an opportunity to utilise their existing skillset in a specific market. With great results.

How is she adapting?

Since February Leidar has been working directly with well known organisations providing information about COVID-19, as well as with a variety of clients on their internal and external communications around the coronavirus. All the while, keeping sustainability top of mind, since that’s still firmly on the agenda.
“We’ve introduced a new offering called Rethink Restart to help clients move events online, create digital communities, and benefit from leadership training.”

The result

They won 3 major business critical projects from clients to build out their entire communication hubs. All on the back of Leidar’s release of their Rethink Restart strategy.

Madelyn’s top tip

Use crisis management tactics in your agency to come up with solutions to client and your own challenges – you may have never discovered otherwise.

“Crisis communications is all about planning: It is a science not an art. Develop a crisis communications process that is easy to use. Work out your worst case scenario and run a training session using that scenario both to test your process and to test your team members.

An essential part of that is to map what worked and what didn’t, and to make the relevant adjustments so that, when it’s for real, you’re fully prepared and have left nothing to chance.

Also consider all the scenarios you dread and prepare outline statements to address them. That will take one job off your hands when the fan gets hit.”

Have a story to share?

If you’re an agency owner and you have a story of adapting and innovating to the current situation, please share it with me and we’ll try to feature it for you. daniel@theagencycollective.co.uk


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