We’ve partnered with Mailchimp & Co to provide new opportunities for members of The Agency Collective. Mailchimp & Co is Mailchimp’s newest offering – it’s a vast, vibrant network of marketing professionals who work with clients in Mailchimp.

We know that agencies find success in sharing knowledge, insights and support. And we’ve long talked about the power of ‘finding your niche’ – like those that are based around popular technology platforms, such as Mailchimp. 

We didn’t want to bring any old partner into The Agency Collective. After months of discussions around activity, benefits and how to bring genuine value to the members of both communities – we felt really strongly that Mailchimp & Co not only offers genuine opportunities for growth, but also a huge wealth of expertise, specialism and insight that we can all learn from.

What this means for you, as a member of The Agency Collective


Events focused on email marketing, building audiences & converting to success

Help and support on your own marketing strategy for once, not just your client’s!

Technical expertise to drive client ROI through email marketing

Insider knowledge on how to get the best outcomes for both your agency and your clients

International insight into how overseas fellow agency owners operate their businesses

A chance to connect and network with even more agency owners

Upcoming Events

17th June, 4.00pm GMT / 10am CST

How to raise your rates (and your profits)

Earlier this year, over 2,000 agency owners from all over the world took part in a benchmarking study that lifted the lid on how agencies charge for their services. The research showed a correlation between pricing and profitability, so finding ways to increase your rates is key to building a profitable and sustainable agency. 

In this interactive session, the report’s co-author, Peter Czapp, will take you through what he sees the top-performing agencies doing when it comes to raising their rates. It’s a chance for you to discover how to: 

  • Increase your rates without losing clients
  • Change the way your rates are perceived 
  • Handle challenges to the fees you charge
  • Sell value, not time 
  • Charge what you’re worth

This is an interactive event, so is a great opportunity to connect with other agency owners around the world to discuss best practices when it comes to how you price your services. You’ll leave with fresh ideas and practical tips you can implement right away. 

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Past Events

6th May, 4.00pm GMT / 10am CST

Your #1 source for new business? Your existing clients

We all know just how important new business is to the growth of our businesses. To have a reliable and sustainable pipeline of prospects would help most founders sleep a little better at night. One often overlooked avenue is through client referrals. Referrals bring a number of key benefits to the business development process such as trust and social proof but also time saving from prospecting activity. We also know that your chances of winning referred business is much greater than cold new business.

With this in mind we’ve put together this session with our friends at Mailchimp & Co to uncover what tactics, methods and models you can use to implement a referral system that works for your agency. Join us as we’ll be speaking with referral scheme experts and business owners that have successfully launched referral schemes and finding out what they learned on the way. We’ll dig deep into the things to avoid as well as exploring incentives that really work.

4th February at 4pm / 10am CST

Top Three Agency Benchmarks

Peter Czapp and The Wow Company have been benchmarking agencies since 2012. Their annual benchmark report, BenchPress, has grown to become the largest survey of independent agency owners in the UK. 

This year, BenchPress has partnered with Mailchimp & Co and The Agency Collective to take the survey globally, extending the reach to include both freelancers and agencies. 

In this event, Peter will share his top three agency benchmarks from nearly a decade studying the secrets to running a successful agency, which has included analysing data from over 5,000 agencies. These are the three stats that you need to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond and include: 

  • Something you probably aren’t measuring at all… but really should
  • A critical benchmark that most agencies don’t measure properly 
  • A stat that represents the biggest determinant of success for agencies 

This is an interactive event, so is a great opportunity to connect with other agency owners around the world to discuss the benchmarks you measure to keep track of performance.

If you’re serious about growing a profitable and sustainable agency, this event is not to be missed.

Tuesday 26 January, 2.30pm GMT / 8.30am CST

How to leverage email marketing as part of your services

Whether you currently offer email marketing or not as part of your services, there’s no doubt that it can be a powerful complement to other channels. It is often the linchpin to moving an audience base through the marketing funnel towards some kind of conversion.

Helping your clients to understand and leverage an email comms strategy can really make the rest of your deliverables fly. But it’s essential to communicate and educate the client in the right way, especially if this is a new channel for them or they’ve not had success with it in the past.

With the guidance of email expert Glenn Edley, Director and Email Strategist at Spike, this session will explore:

  • The benefits of email marketing for your clients and how it can complement other activity, such as content marketing, PPC or social
  • How to get your clients started with email marketing
  • Common pitfalls to stay on top of
  • How to scope and price up an email campaign
  • How to analyse success – what KPIs should we be looking at?
  • Tools & systems – using Mailchimp as an example, what features will help you take your campaigns to the next level?

We’ll also discuss how, if this is a brand new service you’re thinking of offering, how you position it within your portfolio of client services and how it can work alongside them.

Once again we are partnering with Mailchimp & Co for this session, who are well placed to advise on the execution of email campaigns and the impact it can have for your clients. 

Emily Ryan Westfield Creative
Thursday 10 December, 2.30pm GMT / 8.30am CST

How to win new clients through email marketing

We all know that we tend to put our clients’ needs before our own. That’s why when it comes to thinking about our own agency’s marketing strategy, it can get left behind – unfinished – or just feels like a challenge to execute to the same vigor that you’d deliver client work.

But it’s your own marketing strategy that will end up winning you new business and it’s never been more important to focus your attention on it. How can you make sure your agency is front of mind when your prospect begins their consideration? How can you inspire them to choose you? How can you reassure them and get them to commit to giving you their business?

This is where a solid email marketing strategy comes in. During this session, led by Agency Collective member and email guru – Emily Ryan, we’ll take you through how your agency can leverage email as an effective business development channel. 

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