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Our amazing community manager Ellie Hale is a certified mental health first aider. She also spends a lot of time understanding how you can be resilient and keep calm.

Here are her top tips for keeping your mind in a good place:

1) Limit social media or watching the news

Don’t allow it to make you feel anxious or distressed. Everyone has an opinion – lots of people are sharing incorrect information, avoid speculation.

2) Limit what you are reading and watching

This can bring on the feeling of panic / catastrophising
– stick to reputable sources of information

3) Keep in touch

Stay connected, reach out to loved ones – you are not on your own.

4) Try and be productive

There may be periods of downtime – try to get through your to do list, try to achieve something each day.

5) Be kind to yourself

Eat well, try and get out into the fresh air and sunshine (obviously keep safe). If you can sleep well.

6) Find ways to relax and be creative

It’s good for the soul. If you have to work from home, make sure you spend some time each day being creative (can be anything from drawing, to sewing, to baking, to playing games, etc).

7) Make a plan, stick to a routine

This will give you some feeling of control which can be a real comfort

8) Start some open discussions

with colleagues, clients, family members and kids in your family. Listen to peoples concerns and address them honestly. The more open and upfront you can be the better – It will stop other people worrying in silence which can add to the panic.

We’re here for ya!

Take care,

Ellie, Alex, Anne, Jeni and Nou

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