Say No a Podcast about niche agencies

Say No Podcast

Hosted by: Daniel “Dan The Agency Man” de la Cruz

Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to over 3,000 agencies about how the best grow so quickly, stay relevant, and dominate their niche, and the one thing I found they all have in common is the confidence to say no. In this podcast, I’ll bring you some of those conversations to inspire you to take the leap towards going niche, help you overcome any obstacles and give you the confidence to just SAY NO!

Episode #1

Peter Czapp
(Co-Founder of The Wow Company & The Agency Collective)

In this episode Peter Czapp and I explore the reasons why so many niche agencies we know are successful. We share stat that show specialist agencies grow faster than generalists and are more profitable. Share highlights from some of the future podcast episodes in this series. Most importantly give you some practical tips to “Say No”.

Episode #2

Ian Finch
(Founder of Mando)

In this episode Ian Finch joins me to talk about why he regrets not having said No seven years ago – when he already knew what needed to be done to take his agency to the next level. We discuss his transition from designing and building websites for BAFTA award winning entertainment clients to highly functional sites for utilities. He shares how Mando took over 30% market penetration in Water utilities alone.

Episode #3

Harry Metcalfe & David Mann (Founder and Managing Director of dxw)

In this episode Harry Metcalfe and David Mann join me to talk about building an agency with real purpose: Using technology, research and good UX to help people access government services. dxw are an agency that is solely focussed on working with central and local government. Listen to this episode to find out why they have no other option but to “say no” to work that does not align with their values and mission.