Does an agency need a personal brand?

Sam G. Winsbury, Founder and CEO of Kurogo shares his thoughts with us.

Building trust

A big component of a personal brand is establishing trust. 82% of customers trust a company when their senior management team engage on social media.

Sam dives deeper and explains how this trust extends into striking deals.

“When you’re going into meetings with prospective clients, trust is obviously a huge part of what you need to do in that meeting. Get them to trust you enough to spend maybe four or five figures a month with you.”

Building a personal brand

How does one go about establishing a personal brand? What does it need to do?

According to Sam, it’s a unique combination of skills, experience, expertise, values and personality traits that you have to show. What helps is to lean on your strengths. To show that nobody else in your industry has that combination of those 5 things personally to differentiate yourself.

This way, people know why you’re different.

“What we do when we really lean on these five things is we can create a whole new category for ourselves, and we essentially create a market of one for our own personal brand.”

Personal branding & content creation

How do you create content in alignment with your personal brand if it’s something that you’ve never done before?

Sam recommends building an audience & establishing yourself at the same time. Making connections to get engagement and getting engagement to make connections. Like a chicken and egg situation.

One useful way to do this is to leverage other people’s reach, audience, and influence. Helping you to speed up the process and scale it.

“What I mean by that might be going to some key players within the space and collaborating on them with content so maybe you could interview them. If you want to, you could do a podcast or you could just do a blog feature, you could do a video series, whatever it may be.”

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Picture of Sam Winsbury

Sam G. Winsbury, Founder and CEO of Kurogo has helped one hundred entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs build personal brands and built a 16-strong agency by age 23.

His work consists of positioning strategy, social strategy and PR.