This year we’ve been delighted to work with Krystal as one of our partners and to offer their services to members of The Agency Collective. Krystal are also joining forces with our friends at The Wow Company to support the annual Benchpress survey and report in Spring ’24. This article details the scope that sustainable hosting and providers such as Krystal have for worldwide change in our industry.

How Krystal is making a difference

In a world where business operations are impacting the environment more and more with every passing year; Krystal are the good guys, providing 100% green web hosting (without the sacrifice!). 

The internet is one of the highest carbon-producing sectors internationally, responsible for an approximate annual consumption of 416.2TWh of energy—an amount surpassing the total energy usage of the United Kingdom. (Source: Website Carbon). Despite its rapid expansion, the online world lags in adopting sustainable practices, predominantly relying on fossil fuel-derived sources to generate the majority of its power. Krystal is on a mission to fight heavy carbon digital operations and they are doing a fine job of it. 

A commitment to Sustainable web Hosting

Krystal take pride in pioneering eco-friendly web hosting. Back in 2017, the team embarked on a groundbreaking journey, becoming among the very first web hosts powered entirely by renewable energy. No carbon offsetting tricks here – just a direct partnership with Ecotricity, ensuring that our UK datacenter operates solely on energy derived from the sun, wind, and sea. As Krystal expanded globally, their commitment remained unwavering – all their additional facilities operate on 100% renewable energy sources too.

Efficiency Matters: Energy-Savvy Data Centers

In their pursuit of sustainability, all of Krystal’s data centres boast an impressive PUE rating of 1.2 or less. PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness, measures the ratio of total energy used by a data centre, to that delivered to computing equipment. Krystal’s flagship UK data centre takes the lead with an outstandingly low PUE of 1.05. That means a mere 5% of energy caters to building infrastructure like power and cooling, allowing a staggering 95% to reach the servers.

Planting for a Greener Tomorrow: Krystal’s Impact

Krystal are not just about minimising their footprint; they’re actively enhancing the planet. With partnerships with tree-planting organisations worldwide, they’re reforesting coastlines, empowering local communities and restoring habitats for wildlife. For every individual within the company, Krystal go the extra mile, offsetting their carbon footprint for their tenure and beyond. As a Krystal customer, you can witness the impact firsthand by tracking your virtual forest’s growth within your client area.

Embracing Green Initiatives

Krystal recognises that achieving the UK’s net-zero emissions goal by 2050 demands collective effort. Collaboration is key to forging a better future. That’s why they proudly collaborate with various organisations, understanding that it takes a united front to create a sustainable world.

Krystal’s Mission: Beyond Profit

From the get-go, Krystal have charted a different course, with their commitment to the planet at the core of everything they do. It’s not just talk—it’s action. The company is resolutely dedicated to being an unwavering force for their customers and the environment alike. Picture a world where tech innovations don’t harm the planet and every company strives for positive change. That’s Krystal’s driving force.

Krystal’s mission

  • We’re here for change: Because as a business, we know we’ve got a big role to play.
  • Fiercely independent: Consumers are best served by competition, so we’re standing up to the industry duopoly.
  • Sustainability doesn’t always mean sacrifice: Great tech doesn’t always mean bad for the planet and we’re here to prove that.
  • We’re only as good as our people: We know we’re only as great as our team and every one of them embodies our purpose and mission.
  • Transparency is everything: Starting with our name, through to our ethos, products, prices and billing – we’re as open and honest as they come.
  • Possibility has no end: It’s taken us 21 years to get to where we are today but it feels like the real work is just beginning.
  • Doing the right thing isn’t always easy: But we know there is a better way and we’re truly committed to doing everything in our power to get us there.
  • We’re stronger together: We know that building a better future is going to take all of us and we hope Krystal can become a beacon to show others what can be done.
Crafting a Legacy

In an industry dominated by faceless conglomerates, Krystal are here to prove there’s a better way. Founded on a trampoline and a shoestring budget in 2002, Krystal was born as more than a profit-driven entity. The business has come a long way, but its journey to transform the industry for the better continues. With each step forward, they drive tangible and meaningful change, aiming to leave a lasting legacy of fairness and environmental responsibility.

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