Panel with Mills and Sinx co-founders of ustwo

Find out how they built a 500 person agency, a startup incubator, a games studio (famous for Monument Valley) and a foundation.

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Mills and Sinx founders of ustwo talk about building an agency to 450 staff

A video about ustwo

Mills and Sinx co-founded one of the most respected agencies in the UK. They are incredibly humble and honest about their achievement: “We were just two designers who wanted to create a place that everyone loved working at – we had no clue how to build an agency”.

  • They reveal how they lost £1M to a bad client who owed them money.
  • How their most valuable bet – the game Monument Valley – generated over $24,000,000 for them, but blinded the losses they were making in their agency.
  • Found out why they never want to sell their agency.

An entertaining tail from two epic agency founders who build arguably one of the most successful agencies in the UK.