Creating Video Content for Linkedin

Linkedin is a powerful tool for networking and connecting potential new clients or partnerships and so many of us use it every day.

And yet, many of us are overlooking one of its most effective forms of engagement – video content.

Video = A wider reach on LinkedIn

This not merely hyperbole: LinkedIn actively prioritises video content in terms of its algorithms. So we are likely to reach a wider number of relevant people if we use video on Linkedin.

So what is stopping us from creating video content for Linkedin and taking advantage of this?

Ignore that inner critic

Lots of perfectly good reasons, actually! The biggest being our own inner critic asking us – “What would I even talk about?” “I don’t have the technical abilities!” And (probably most commonly!) “Why would anyone listen to me?”

Here’s the thing: The most engaging and interesting videos are those which are both authentic and where the speaker is knowledgeable, or passionate about what they are speaking on.

A video might have Hollywood production values, but if it is devoid of any personality or is flat and lacking the human touch, no one is going to finish watching it.

The selling point of this video is essentially you. And you are interesting and engaging, that’s how you came to be running an agency. We should be creating video content for Linkedin that is reflective of us.

What would I even talk about?

There are all sorts of things you can talk about. your journey to where you are. Any obstacles you overcame. Why you do what you do. Things that you or your agency have done that were important to you. And of course, it can also be sharing your expertise, to help others overcome problems that you know how to solve.

Anything that would make for an interesting conversation will probably make for a good Linkedin video.

And that’s how you should approach it – a conversation, speaking to a person, instead of a camera.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Now, that might seem a bit daunting, so of course, you can do things like having a script or bullet points to help you through. But don’t get hung up on being “word perfect” or rehearsing it.

And also – YOU CAN EDIT THIS THING! You can totally get rid of any onscreen mishaps that may occur and no one will be any the wiser!

If you made enough of them, you could even make your own blooper reel!


Leave them wanting more

Another important point to remember is to make the videos short and snappy. So much video is consumed whilst doing other things – cooking, or queueing up or on public transport. So keep it 30 – 90 seconds in length.

And the great thing about having such short videos, is that one idea may have several different component parts. You could film one five-minute video and end up with six 30-second snippets. You can then post these snippets individually and link through to the full video.

And remember – you don’t have to give background context to the video, as you can write that in the post that accompanies it.


You can do this!

But the main thing is, people want to listen to what you have to say, all you need to do is to find a way to share that.


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