Creating a strong brand: We’ve had the idea, we’ve made it happen and we’ve created our brilliant agency.

Maybe we’re new kids on the block, maybe we’re seasoned agency leaders but either way – how can we make sure that our branding is saying the right thing about us? Is what we’re saying and doing “on brand”? And more importantly, how do we work out what “on brand” actually is and whether our existing brand is really reflecting our business accurately?

Well, it’s more than just logos and colours, says Neil Hallmark, Founder and Director of Outliers.

Articulating Your Brand: The Foundation for Creating a Strong Brand

When rebranding your agency, it’s essential to work out what (or who) your brand actually is and who it’s for.

Neil reminds us:

“It’s articulating your brand rather than creating a brand or rebranding. It might be you want a new logo or it might be you want a new website, and that’s absolutely fine.

But if you think of your brand as your creative brief, if you’ve not properly articulated your proposition and who you’re targeting, and what’s important to you as a business, and where you’re going, you’re essentially giving someone a blank piece of paper to say:

Right, create a visual identity for this.”

Gaining an Objective Perspective with Outside Help

To efficiently and effectively pinpoint the essence of your business and create a cohesive brand message, consider bringing in outside help for creating a strong brand. These experts can provide an objective point of view, helping you identify the most critical aspects of your agency that should be highlighted in creating a strong brand. While you might be tempted to showcase all your diverse skills and services, an outsider can guide you towards focusing on the most impactful elements of your agency for creating a strong brand.

Neil: “They can look all the stuff that you do, and go: Well, that’s the most important part of it and that’s what you should concentrate on.

Whereas you’re probably looking at it going: But we do all these things, amazing things, and we just want to talk about it all!

Balancing Niching and Inclusivity to Create a Strong Brand

A common concern when developing a strong brand is the fear that niching down will exclude potential clients outside that niche. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. When you establish a clear niche or specialisation, you become known for excelling in that specific area, which attracts clients seeking precisely those services and aids you in branding.

While you may still work with clients outside your niche, having a clear focus makes your marketing efforts more effective and cost-efficient in creating a strong brand. By knowing exactly who you want to attract and what kind of clients you serve best, your messaging becomes targeted and compelling for creating a strong brand.

In turn, this attracts both niche-specific clients and others who recognise your expertise and versatility in creating a strong brand.

Getting it Right

In short, building a powerful agency brand goes beyond visual elements like logos and colours. It involves articulating your brand message and targeting your core strengths in creating a strong brand. Seek outside help to gain objective insights, and don’t fear niching down, as it ultimately benefits your marketing efforts while still allowing room for diverse clientele in creating a strong brand. With a well-defined brand, your agency can communicate its uniqueness and attract the right clients effectively.

Neil Hallmark

Neil Hallmark is passionate about brands. He loves working with startups and scaleups, crafting solutions to their communication challenges. With a background in geography, he’s had a successful career as MD in a leading UK agency, collaborating with multinational brands. Enthusiastic about innovation and making an impact, Neil seeks to challenge the status quo and effect positive change.