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Becoming a member

Are there minimum contract terms?

No. However, we do recommend agencies to stay on board for at least 12 months to get the maximum value. See the membership options here

Can my co-founders attend the events for free?

Yes they can. Every ‘Growth’ membership includes 2x free tickets per event. If you’d like additional tickets, you can buy them at normal ticket price. Become a growth member here

What does Sarah, James and Bob value most about being a member?

Most of our members value being around other agency owners who are incredible helpful and open about running their agencies. Peer support. Especially those that are ahead of them in the growth journey. They can learn from other people’s mistakes.

The events are great places to meet people, but also learn from the experts we bring in. Many of our agencies didn’t know some of the basic things they needed to fix before they joined. Now they’ve grown significantly as a result.

Is there a minimum size my agency has to be, to be eligible as an Online or Growth member?

No. We are inclusive of all agency sizes, as long as you are not a freelancer who lives off working for agencies. That makes for very boring conversation between an agency owner who has 10 full time people and you.


What type of agencies are in The Agency Collective?

Mainly independent agencies from startup to £10M turnover. See the types of agencies in our community section here

Can my team members also be part of the community?

We’d love to support your whole agency, but some of the conversations that agency owners have with each other an account manager for example just won’t be able to relate to. It will also make agency owners not open up as much about their challenges.

Therefore The Agency Collective is a community exclusively for agency owners and shareholding Directors. To create a safe environment where agency owners can openly talk about anything.

Are suppliers to agencies allowed to be in the community?

We take a lot of care to not create an environment where agency owners don’t feel like they are constantly sold to. Therefore we only rarely let in highly selected suppliers, approved by the community.

Does The Agency Collective take on agencies from outside of the UK?

Yes we do. We have a fair few members from outside the UK. Some of them are Online members and others travel from abroad to attend our epic events. That’s true dedication to your agency! Find out more about the membership options for agencies from abroad.


Where do you hold your events?

Pre-COVID we hosted live events throughout our four main hubs: London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol – with some more local events thrown in too! At the moment, you don’t need to worry about booking trains, finding a hotel or getting a babysitter… because we’re all online! We’re hoping to get back to live events as soon as we can.

Is there a dress code for your events?

No way. Our events are super relaxed. We’re encouraging a place where you feel comfortable, no matter how you dress. Some people come in tshirts, some in dresses, others in suits and others in wacky outfits (especially during our seasonal events ;)).

Agency specialisation

How do you connect me with other agencies?

The more specialised you are, the easier this process becomes (take the ‘how specialised are you’ test here). When you join we give you a call to find out what you’re really good at and what type of people and agencies you want to be introduced to.

If I am a generalist agency, can I join The Agency Collective?

100% yes. Just because you offer a wide range of services, to a wide range of clients does not make you a bad agency. Also you will learn a lot from your peers along the way.

Do you help agencies transition from being a generalist to a specialist?

Absolutely. We’d love to take you through the journey of becoming an agency specialist. 

My agency is already a niche specialist, what services do you have for us?

Congrats. You’re part of a group of agencies that will most likely go far in their journey. We want to help you capitalise on your expertise. We provide introductions to complimentary agencies and new business partnership events for agencies, where we match you up with suitable new business partnerships.


I'd like to speak to someone about partnering up with you guys.

Sure thing. We’re always looking for ways to create more value for our members. Best thing is to email peter@theagencycollective.co.uk with what you’d like to propose.


How do I cancel my membership?

Oh no. Is it us? It’s really easy to cancel your membership, but give us a chance to find out what we can do to give you more value before making your final decision. In 93.7% of cases we were able to help. Feel free to decline the request to talk to you, we will not take it personally. To cancel your membership best thing to do is email Rob, rob@theagencycollective.co.uk

I'd like to change my Direct Debit details please.

Sure. Best thing is to email Ellie and ask him to help you change your DD details, ellie@theagencycollective.co.uk

I have a problem with a payment made to The Agency Collective.

Sure. Best thing is to email Ellie and talk to her about your problem with your payment, ellie@theagencycollective.co.uk

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Get support from people who understand what it’s like to run an agency.

What I get most out of The Agency Collective is getting quick answers in the Slack from other agency owners who get it.

Andy NicolFounder: Sputnik Digital

I've built some of the best new business partnerships with people in the AC - many of them are now also close friends.

Charles ParkinsonCo-founder: Unity & Motion

The advice and support from my peers and the incredible experts have helped double my agency growth in 12 months.

Tanesha StaffordCo-founder: Armchair Marketing