ACTeams – peer to peer support for your senior staff

Here at The Agency Collective, we get agencies. We understand what life running an agency is like. We understand that retaining good senior staff is so important.

It’s for these reasons that we launched ACTeams, a brand new add-on to your membership to bring on board your senior members of staff. Filled with exclusive content, our aim is to support, encourage and develop your team.

Designed as a sub community within The Agency Collective, we run monthly events, hold triage sessions fortnightly and offer a safe space for your staff to share and collaborate with other agencies within a dedicated Slack channel.

Do you have senior staff members who would benefit from learning from other agencies, just like you do within The AC? For an additional £29/month, you can add team members to your AC membership so they too can learn, develop skills and help you grow your agency.

What current ACTeam members are saying…

Sarah Hazell

Sarah Hazell, First Create the Media

‘Being part of an agency leadership team comes with unique challenges. I’m immensely grateful to have a group of people I can call on for support and advice. ACTeams has helped me with everything; from honing our pitching process to how to make the agency more profitable. Plus they’re a pretty inspiring and fun group! Joining them is not something you’ll regret, but not joining them might well be.’

Megan Murray

Megan Murray, Good Call Consultants

‘ACTeams has been such an asset to my professional development. Not only through growing my network with like-minded individuals in similar roles to me but also through the monthly Zoom sessions that allow us to get to know each other and gain insights into the marketing industry I never even thought to ask about!’

Chloe Mitchell

Chloe Mitchell, Tao Digital

‘ACTeams has offered me support like no other. The Slack channel has been a huge help when I’ve needed a little bit of motivation, a boost in confidence or a difficult query answered. As Operations Manager of a small digital marketing agency, I’m heavily involved in senior, crucial decisions regarding the future of our business and team. Having the ACTeams to fall back on when I doubt myself has been unbelievably helpful.’

Coral Wood, Powered By Coffee

‘It’s been great to have a group of like-minded folk to chat with outside of my immediate team. It’s such a relief to know that, more often than not, you’re not the only one struggling to find answers and inspiration on Google and there’s someone in the group with the answers you need!’

Alex Watts

Alex Watts, Nosy Marketing

‘ACTeams helped me find folks in my level of business and foster a collaborative mindset. A fresh set of eyes on a pitch deck, project management tips and just a space for management to talk with peers.’

ACTeams Events

In addition to the peer-to-peer support for agency senior team members, we curate and organise exclusive events for ACTeam members. By focusing on the challenges senior team members face and collaborating on topics, themes and speakers our ACTeam events provide fantastic support, advice and inspiration for members.

Project management – how to boost agency productivity the healthy way

One of the biggest challenges a leadership team of an agency faces is how to boost or maintain productivity across the delivery team throughout a project. Seniors need to look beyond timesheets and task lists for managing projects by considering what is healthy productivity. We discover why productivity needs measures beyond the number of hours you spend at your computer and how to boost agency productivity the healthy way.

Transforming an agency in 18 months

We welcomed Jake Third, the MD at Hallam, a super digital marketing agency with 55 staff. During this hour-long session, Jake talked to ACTeams members about becoming an MD in a pandemic and stepping in when there were cultural issues within the agency.

ACTeams Triage

In our fortnightly Triage sessions, members of ACTeams have the chance to:

– Get together with agency peers
– Share insights and challenges
– Check out pitches/presentations
– Prepare for the week ahead

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