3. Top tips to keep you on top of your sales & marketing

Sales & marketing is the one tap you can never turn off, whether it’s new new business or nurturing existing clients.

The biggest misconception is that sales & marketing is solely a tool for growth. Doing sales & marketing proactively gives you options to choose the work that you really want to do (even if you don’t want to grow your business in ‘revenue, head count, profit’).

Otherwise you’ll just desperately grab anything that comes through the door. What type of agency do you want to build? The one that has to sell or the one that clients want to buy?

Team Purple 💜Get more reach on LinkedIn

At The Agency Collective we run a sub-group called Team Purple. Together we help boost each other’s content on LinkedIn and exchange our learnings using LinkedIn for marketing. Here are some of the top learnings to increase reach on LI…

  • Comments are most important (more than likes – ideally both) = respond to all comments
  • If you have a low engaged network use Posts (reach is higher) not Articles
  • Don’t use external links in your posts (reduces reach)
  • @key people (who interact), but don’t over do it
  • People who like your stuff and are connected to you count higher
  • Video with subtitles gets more attention
LinkedIn Support Group
Kelly Molson Co-Founder of Rubber Cheese

New business wisdom from 3,000 agencies: DanTheAgencyMan

In this talk Daniel “DanTheAgencyMan” de la Cruz, Partner at The Agency Collective shares what he’s learnt from speaking to over 3,000 agencies about new business. Check out two top tips for you below…

Spot the rising star

This is a great way to get a foot in the door at larger corporation. One were attempting to cold contact C-Suite will be much harder.

There is always more to a ‘no’

How do you react when a client decides not to pick your proposal as the winning one? This is why keeping in touch is one of the best things you can do…

When we asked our community, what are one of your best ways to get new clients? Most responded: Running your own events.

The Agency Collective Survey

Say No Podcast

How to get into a sector specific publication?

PR for your business in the right places can open doors to your most valuable clients. But most journalists aren’t generally interested in what agencies have to say. In our Say No podcast, Chris Donnelly from Verb explains how to get into a sector specific publication.

Top new business from two experts: Dan Sudron (Future Factory) & Lucy Mann (GunPowder)

We had the privilege of interviewing two new business legends in our industry. Dan comes at it from a strong lead generation point of view and Lucy from a new business process consultancy point of view. Here are two top tips they shared during the panel discussion.

Do you feel uncomfortable when networking?

Most people do. As Dan puts it, if you love networking you are either an ‘alcoholic or a psychopath!” – Lucy and Dan also give some practical tips on how to overcome the fears we all have when needing to make new friends at a ‘networking’ event.

How to get a speaking gig?

We are often asked by agency owners who have good content to share: “How do I get a speaking gig?” There are many ways. Lucy & Dan share their top tips in this video.

Books that agency owners recommend related to sales & marketing

Book cover of Chris Voss' book Never Split The Difference

Never split the difference

We negotiate all the time in life. Whether it’s at work, at home, with family, friends, team members, etc. This book is a must read for anyone who is looking for the best outcome. As the author Chris Voss puts it “I’d rather have no deal, than a bad deal”.

New business is a big topic in our community and there are always great tips from our agency owners. If you’d like to talk to someone in our team about Agency Collective membership, feel free to book a call with Anne.

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