5. Top tips on finance & accounting

The best finance & accounting tips from: Peter Czapp (The Wow Company)

Peter Czapp loves helping agencies grow. In 2004, he co-founded The Wow Company, an accounting firm specialising in providing agencies with support and insights so they can make better financial decisions.

In 2013, Peter went on to set up our wonderful Agency Collective and is also the UK’s leading expert in benchmarking agencies. He loves uncovering what the most successful ones do differently to the rest and here are 3 top finance and accounting tips.

Agency KPIs

Would you like to know what other agencies put on their KPI dashboard? Peter reveals a bunch of indicators agencies use to run a sustainable business.

Building a profit culture

Profit is the life blood of a business. Without it you can’t hire the best talent, work on R&D projects or pay yourself a reasonable salary. This is how to build profit into your company culture.

Agency rates

Did you always wanted to know what other agencies charge? Peter reveals that and tips how to increase your rate in this video.

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