2020 Agency Best Advice Guide

Lovingly crafted by agencies to support agencies ♥️

Karla Morales Lee founder of Newbreed and Hunter and Farmer talks about agency positioning at an Agency Collective event

1. Top tips on agency positioning

Finding the thing that makes your agency different to all others can be hard at times. There are strategies that help you with your agency positioning. In this part of the guide you’ll hear about 2x strategies that can help you stand out from the rest.

2. Top tips on culture & recruitment

Can you say hand on heart: “I live and breathe our culture!” – if you can, amazing work! But when push comes to shove, a lot of agencies falter on their principles.

In this part of the guide you’ll get top tips from agency owners who live and breathe what they do everyday – one that will attract and retain the best talent. You’ll also get top tips on hiring a people person and defining your values from former Red Bull’s head of HR and head of Brand.

Adam Greenwood from Greenwood Campbell taking a photo of Carla Cringle and Imogen Puddock from FizzPopBang doing a talk
Carla Cringle founder of culture building agency FizzPopBang
Mills and Sinx Co-Founders of ustwo sit in the front row with other agency owners ahead of agency collective event
Lucy Mann founder of new business agency gunpowder consulting
Dan Sudron founder of new business lead generation agency The Future Factory

3. Top tips on sales & marketing

Sales & marketing activity is the one tap an agency can never turn off completely. If you do, there will be a problem. Maybe not immediately, but a few months down the line – boom! It hits you. No leads. No new clients. Desperation kicks in and you take on work you will later regret.

In this part of the guide you hear from agency owners and new business legends how to keep you on top of your sales & marketing at all times. Also what some of the best lead generation techniques are for agencies – including a LinkedIn guide, book recommendations and videos.

4. Top tips on building great client relationships

As agency owners it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the: “I have bills to pay. I have to ensure my team members still have jobs next month. I want to make sure we work on the most exciting things.”

But when it comes to client relationships, seeing their perspective is key. In this part of the guide the Social Director of Kellogg’s shares his honest views on agencies and his perspective. This will help you build great client relationships.

Joseph Harper head of social UK for cereal brand Kelloggs
Agency owners at Agency Collective event listening to Carla Cringle and Imogen Puddock from FizzPopBang doing a talk
Peter Czapp founder of agency accountants The Wow Company and agency community The Agency Collective

5. Top tips on finance & accounting

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

In any situation of economic development, you can’t forget that the blood of our business is profit. Without it you can’t hire and retain the best people in the business. You can’t do exciting R&D work. You can’t invest in a great working environment for your team.

In this part of the guide, Peter Czapp – co-founder of The Agency Collective and The Wow Company (an accountancy for agencies) – shares his top tips to ensure you run a sustainable and profitable agencies.